Unprecedented budget uncertainty still holds sway, Little says

16 Sep 2013 | Karen Parrish

As the end of the fiscal year approaches Sept. 30, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little told reporters, "this unprecedented period of budget uncertainty" continues to hamper Defense Department plans and operations Sept. 13.

"We're working closely with the Office of Management and Budget to determine what our requirements might be going into [fiscal year 2014]," he said. The department also is working closely with Congress, Little noted.

"We're fully aware that we need to work through this," he said.
"The continuing resolution negotiations are underway, and we need to hopefully get to resolution on all of this very soon."

Little said he doesn't know what the particulars of a new continuing resolution will be, should Congress pass one. A continuing resolution is a stop-gap funding measure, passed to keep government departments functioning at current levels when Congress doesn't pass or the president doesn't sign a formal appropriations bill.

"We would hope that it's a continuing resolution that helps us continue to support our important defense mission," Little said.

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