Changes to the Corps’ Tuition Assistance eligibility requirements

13 Sep 2013 | Sgt. Cassandra Flowers

The Marine Corps announced new changes to the eligibility requirements for using Tuition Assistance Sept. 11.  According to MARADMIN 456/13, most of these changes will only affect first-time TA applicants.

First-time TA applicants must have at least 2 years of time in service, and can only enroll in one course unless documentation is provided that the Marine has an Associate’s Degree or at least 60-college credits with a minimum GPA of a 2.5. Also, all first-time applicants must complete the Marine Corp Institute “Leadership” and “Personal Financial Management” courses before applying for TA benefits. Marines must also be eligible for promotion.

Enlisted Marines using TA must have an EAS of at least 60 days beyond the completion of their courses in order to receive TA approval. In addition, reserve component officers on active duty must have an EAS date of two years beyond the completion of their courses to receive approval.

According to MARADMIN 456/13, as of Oct. 1 the Marine Corps’ overall TA budget of $47 million will be divided into fiscal quarters.  Marines that meet eligibility requirements will be limited to only enrolling in courses that begin in that quarter. Once the Corps’ quarterly funds are exhausted, TA approvals will be postponed until the following quarter. This does not affect a Marine’s personal TA ceiling of $4,500 a year, but if the Marine Corps exhausts its TA funding within the first fiscal quarter, the Marine will have to wait until the following quarter to apply for benefits.

TA requests can only be submitted within 30 days of a class start date, but no TA requests will be approved after a course has started. TA requests are not authorized for classes that begin prior to the conclusion of previously approved courses. For example, a Marine cannot use TA benefits for a course that begins Oct. 6, if their previously approved course doesn’t end until Oct. 7; there can be no overlap of enrolled courses.

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