Corpswide workplace inspections polices own, corrects mistakes

14 Jun 2013 | Lance Cpl. Lisette A. Leyva

FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md.— Marines will experience new inspections of the workplace following the release of MARADMIN 291/13, today.

 The inspections aim to get rid of materials that create a degrading, hostile or offensive environment and ensure a professional workplace for all Marine Corps personnel and maintain good order and discipline throughout the Corps.

All Marine Corps personnel will be treated with dignity and respect in a climate free of sexual harassment and all other forms of discrimination.

 Marine Corps leadership will inspect: office spaces, restrooms, hangars, motor pools, ships, aircraft and recreation areas, including Navy and Marine Corps Exchanges.

Personal property, assigned living quarters, desk drawers, clothing, and government computers will not be inspected.

Inspectors will be of an E-7 pay-grade or higher or a supervisory-level civilian. Individuals must have the appropriate security clearance for the area they are inspecting.

Inappropriate photographs, posters, documents, books, videos, props, displays, or other media displayed that are hurtful to a professional working environment are to be immediately removed.

Individuals conducting the inspection will immediately seize any lewd, obscene pornographic or racist images, publications or materials.  If leaders find evidence of a crime during an inspection, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service will be contacted immediately.

Commanders will make the decision of how to appropriately deal with each case of degrading or offensive material found.  Severity of the material will dictate the punishment the individual receives.

MARADMIN 291/13 continues the Marine Corps’ Sexual Assault Prevention and Response effort and will ensure a professional workplace throughout the Corps. Commanders will make sure visual inspections of all Marine workplaces are conducted on a regular basis.

Marine leaders will inspect all workplaces no later than, June 28. All results of inspections will be reported to the Secretary of the Navy.



Headquarters Marine Corps