All-Marine Sports Looking For Coaches

5 Apr 2013 | Sgt. Jimmy D. Shea

The All-Marine sports program is looking for coaches.

The program is designed to give coaches the opportunity to coach at the All-Marine level.

“A team coach has the overall responsibility from the beginning of the trial camp until the completion of the Armed Forces Championship,” said Jim Medley, All-Marine Sports Program specialist. “This includes, but is not limited to, conditioning, morale, training, knowledge of the sport, sportsmanship conduct and team behavior both on and off the playing field.”

On top of all these responsibilities, All-Marine teams consist of elite athletes, so coaches must make cuts during training camp to ensure the teams are comprised of the Marines who are cream-of-the-crop competitors.

“You are getting the best that the Marine Corps has to offer as long as they are not deployed,” said Medley.

To be selected, coaches must have the skills to fill the role.

“Experience is the most important factor,” said Medley. “They need to be coaching some type of team such as their base varsity team. The program is open to Marines or civilians working for the Marine Corps.”

According to Capt. Sean Sullivan, the Corps’ fastest All-Marine triathlete, being the coach of an All-Marine athlete has its advantages.

“Marine athletes are driven and dedicated,” said Sullivan. “This is a great asset for a coach to capitalize on, as the coach just needs to direct the Marine athletes focus and efforts in the right areas.”

Sullivan was an athlete in high school and at the Naval Academy and has observed a difference in team mindset as well.

“Competition on those teams is focused on school pride and individual achievement,” said Sullivan. “Our Marine Corps brotherhood brings the team really close together, and a lot of the effort goes towards the success of the team.”

Coaches don’t have to look far if interested.

“The process is quite easy,” said Medley. “You can go to your local athletic director and pick up an application for the command to endorse or for those without a local AD, they can go to our web site and get the application from there.”

The web site is

The sports program is accepting applications for all teams except for boxing and wrestling.

Headquarters Marine Corps