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U.K. marines from the Force Protection Group Royal Marine prepare to evacuate a building during exercise Lisa Azul aboard Naval Station Rota, Spain. U.S., Spanish and U.K. marines participated in Lisa Azul, a trilateral exercise that began March 4.

Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Travis Alston

Lisa Azul: One Team, One Fight

22 Mar 2013 | Petty Officer 2nd Class Travis Alston

As part of the trilateral exercise Lisa Azul, U.S. Marines from Alpha 1 Platoon, Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), Company Europe conducted training on military operations with marines attached to the Spanish marines from Tercio del Sur, Brigada de Infanteria de Marina and U.K. marines from the Force Protection Group Royal Marine. 

Lisa Azul is a training exercise that promotes partnership and maritime security while improving cultural understanding between the U.S., Spain and Britain.  Members assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 8, Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 2, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 and the base security department’s working dog unit were also involved in the exercise.

During the two weeks of training, the allied forces conducted live weapons training, fast rope and rappelling drills and demonstrated urban combat and building clearing procedures.

“The exercise focused on the exchange of enhanced conventional infantry tactics between U.S. Marines and two of our allies,” said FAST Company Europe Commanding Officer Maj. Gary Cobb.  “This exercise is an excellent example of differente units coming together for two weeks to show interoperability at the platoon level.”

Cobb added that Rota is special, because each unit has equal footing, sharing the tactics, techniques and procedures in which each specialize. 

The exercise concluded with a final evolution in which all units worked together to secure an urban terrain objective. 

“The exercise was extremely successful,” said FAST Company Europe Training Non-Commissioned Officer Sgt. Brendan Paulk.  “These exercises help us build a stronger relationship with our allies.”

Paulk also said that being exposed to different techniques and procedures allows U.S. Marines and their counterparts to validate or improve their skills.

For a few U.K. Marines the two weeks of continued training gave them an opportunity to sharpen a few of their skills and techniques.

“This served as a refresher for some of us,” said U.K. Force Protection Group Royal Marine Lance Cpl. Adam Paul.  “We plan to take what we have learned from both U.S and Spanish Marines and share with our fellow marines and use in certain situations.

FAST Company Europe is a tenant command of Commander, Naval Expeditionary Task Force Europe and Africa (CTF 68).  The Task Force is responsible for exercising tactical control and functional component command over assigned forces for the direction, control and approval of movements, maneuvers and operations necessary to accomplish Commander, 6th Fleet assigned missions and tasks.

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