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Marines strengthen ties to community through mixer

By Sgt. Shannon Yount | | October 5, 2012

Marines with Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow attended the 23rd Annual Community Military Mixer at the Sandy Basin Community Center, National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif., Sept. 26.

The annual event allowed residents and leaders in the Barstow community, Fort Irwin, and MCLB Barstow the opportunity to rub elbows in a social setting.

The military mixer provided new residents and employees the chance to socialize, network and relax in a friendly environment, while familiar faces strengthened their ties among service members and the High Desert community at large.

?I am thrilled to be here,? said Col. Michael Scalise, the commanding officer of Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow. This event is important because civilian Marines are the bread and butter of our population and it is important to meet our neighbors, he added.

During the mixer Brig. Gen. Terry Ferrell, the commanding general of NTC, addressed the audience and encouraged them to reach out to the community and reach out to fellow neighbors simply because this is their home.

"I want to thank everyone for coming," said Ferrell, a native of West Virginia. This room is comprised of every service and government employee and we cannot be who we are if it weren't for you, he added.

"NTC has been here for many years and I bet we will be here for much longer," he added.

With the influx of equipment coming back from Afghanistan and the military?s focus shifting from Operation Enduring Freedom to preparing for the pivot to the Asia-Pacific region, Ferrell spoke of the important role both installations and government employees have in assisting and equipping our forces.

While Ferrell gave his speech, he thanked Col. Scalise and the Marines for attending the event. He also spoke of his installation and how NTC will be conducting and preparing our war fighters for the next fight.

?We will do this with the community of Barstow,? he stated as he explained the importance of both MCLB Barstow and NTC?s mission and the partnership they share.

While there was a fair amount of ?shop talk? and ?mission oriented? conversations, more relaxed dialogue took place as well.

?I think it?s wonderful,? said Anthony Riley, public information officer for the city of Barstow. ?It?s a great opportunity to continue to network and stay in touch with our military personnel. The military is such a vital component of Barstow.?

The exchange of information, be it responsibilities, names, contact numbers, or opportunities for joint training, this year?s community military mixer proved to accomplish its mission.

Scanning the room full of men and women in uniform from various military branches, and civilian leadership, Riley said ?It?s vital for residents and employees of Barstow to show their appreciation to our service members.?

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