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An Afghan National Army soldier listens to a radio at Forward Operating Base Zeebrugee in Kajaki District, Afghanistan, July 8, 2012. The Afghan National Security Forces organize their efforts in an Operational Control Center-District. The OCCD has the ability to turn the separate groups of Afghanistan?s security forces into one organized fighting entity.

Photo by Cpl. Kenneth Jasik

One team, one fight: Afghans forces work together against insurgency

16 Aug 2012 | Courtesy Story

As Afghan National Security Forces take over for Marines operating in Helmand province, they coordinate their efforts through an Operational Control Center-District.

The OCCD, advised by Marines with Police Advisor Team 4, Regimental Combat Team 6, in Kajaki District, ensures all the operations of the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Civil Order Police and Afghan Uniformed Police are well-coordinated.

?The OCCD is like a (command operations center) for the ANSF,? said Cpl. Franklyn L. Plummer, an assistant advisor with Police Advisor Team 4. ?It?s a partnership between the ANA, ANCOP and AUP. It?s so they can communicate together and help each other out.

?Let?s say that ANCOP is in a firefight and they are near an ANA post. The (ANCOP) would let the (ANA) know they?re in the area and taking enemy contact. The ANA nearby can move to help.?

Kajaki?s OCCD is a new effort, and the advisors help the different services work together.

?This concept is something that may be unfamiliar to the ANSF forces, and with each force having distinct roles, a lot of coordination needs to take place,? said 1st Lt. Bryant Yee, officer in charge, Kajaki District Police Advisor Team.

The Marines said they look forward to helping the Afghans coordinate their efforts and help them fight as one.

?They work together well,? said Plummer. ?There can be a little friction between each group, but they do work well together.?

?The OCCD has definitely made the ANSF more effective,? said Yee, 25, Washington D.C. ?The ANA and ANCOP are ecstatic about the OCCD and believe in participating in it.?