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Security Cooperation Group Marines lend a helping hand to local charity

By Gunnery Sgt. Alexis Mulero | | December 7, 2011


Marines from the logistics section of Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group took time out of their operational schedule to support a charity for under-resourced families in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area, Nov. 30.

The Marines assisted in assembling and pre-staging gear at The Salvation Army Christmas Depot, which is part of the Salvation Army Hampton Roads Chapter’s participation in Operation Angel Tree. Operation Angel Tree supports more than 9,000 families in the Hampton Roads area with toys, clothing and food during the holidays. 

“There are families in the area that are not able to afford a traditional Christmas celebration for their families due to their current circumstances and it is good to know that there are charities out there that can provide this much-needed assistance,” said Sgt. Darrin Richardson, who coordinated the volunteer opportunity for the section. “Our Marines are passionate about giving back to the community that supports us and this is a small way in which we can show our support.” 

The Salvation Army Hampton Roads Chapter counts on thousands of volunteers to make this yearly event a reality. They also count on other charities to make this one a reality. The Marine Corps Toys for Tots program is a strong supporter of this event and donate time and resources to make this event a special one for local families. Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program will distribute toys to more than 30,000 children during this event and throughout upcoming holiday. 

“I still remember the excitement I use to get as a child during Christmas Day while opening up gifts,” said Richardson who is a native of Magalia, California. “Now that I am parent, I get to see the same excitement with my kids and to know that there are kids out there that may not experience this feeling is very sad. This should be a calling to all of us who have the means or the time to brighten up a child’s life to support charities like this in any way we can.” 

All in all, this type of program is a win-win situation for the local community and also to the volunteers who support it.

“We would like to thank the Salvation Army Hampton Roads Chapter for putting together this program and allowing the Marines an opportunity to contribute to this generous cause. We are honored and humbled to be here and plan to support in any way we can.” 

Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group is a unit in the Marine Corps that coordinates, manages, executes, and evaluates United States Marine Corps Security Cooperation programs and activities, to include assessment, planning, related education and training, and advisor support to ensure unity of effort in building Partner Nation Security Forces capacity and capability in order to facilitate USMC and regional Marine Forces component support to combatant commanders security cooperation objectives.

Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group Marines are scheduled to assist the Salvation Army in distributing toys, clothing and food to local families at the Salvation Army Christmas Depot during the week of Dec. 12 - 19.