USAA gives Marine Corps Marathon volunteers delicious start to long day

31 Oct 2011 | Lance Cpl. John Tucker

On most cold October mornings, just after midnight, most of Virginia is sleeping. For 1600 Marines volunteering to lend a hand in for the 36th Annual Marine Corps Marathon, the day is just beginning.

The United Services Automobile Association teamed up with McDonalds to make sure the Marines get hot chow. Biscuits and coffee, fruit, trail mix, and hot cocoa, make up the menu for the volunteers working to make the marathon a success.

Volunteers from USAA and Marines from Quantico prepped the tents and tables, while McDonalds employees worked to prepare, transport, and serve the food to the hungry leathernecks.

Representative from USAA, John Hancock says, It doesnt matter where the Marines are. Were out here in this soggy field today, but no matter where they are, USAA is going to bring them some chow so they can make sure theyre all set and ready to go for this race.

The breakfast for volunteers plan provided more than 3,600 breakfast sandwiches and 1,800 cups of coffee for the early risers. The Marine Corps Marathon, the people that come throughtheres 33 thousand people, but what [people] dont realize are all the volunteers that make this work, Hancock added.

Hancock says USAA is proud to be a part of the marathon, and will continue to lend their support in the future.

Headquarters Marine Corps