Joining Forces with America

7 Sep 2011 | Lance Cpl. Daniel A. Wetzel

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden are leading a national effort to rally the American people to action in support of military families, service members and veterans.

The initiative, Joining Forces, is focused on calling all sectors of society to give the support service members and their families earned after nearly 10 years of war.

"I’ve met so many of these military families and what you realize when you talk to them is these families serve as well," Obama said. "They’re doing it with such grace and courage."

Joining Forces is designed to bring attention to the unique needs and strength of military families and to ensure they have the opportunities, resources and support they deserve.

In many cases, veterans and military spouses have difficulty finding work when they transfer. Joining Forces helps by highlighting the workforce potential of military spouses and veterans, expanding employment and career development opportunities, and helps employers create a more military family-friendly workplace.

Along with employment, it also supports education for children of service members by helping schools become more responsive to the unique needs of military children and families.

It is also set up to create a greater connection between the public and military.

"We know that the country cares," Biden said, encouraging Americans to action. "We need to make that connection."

Joining forces gives opportunities for civilians to serve and to send messages of thanks.

"Success would be that military families feel appreciated; I think every American wants to help military families but they don’t know how to do it right now," Biden said. "This is going to provide the platform that people can get involved. It’s an easy way to say ‘thank you for your service’."

In a recent Marine Administrative Message, Commandant of the Marine Corps General James F. Amos said the Corps would ensure that Marines, Sailors and their families have availability and access to quality facilities and support programs.

Amos also encourages all Marines, families and friends to follow this initiative.

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