VEERP gives Marines the opportunity to get out sooner

23 May 2011 | Lance Cpl. Christofer P. Baines

The Marine Corps needs to cut expenses. One method is the voluntary “early-out” program. Marines can leave the Corps up to 90 days before their contracts expire. There are more than 37,000 Marines eligible for the program.

VEERP is already an active program for the current fiscal year and Marine Administrative Message 303/11 states that it will continue through fiscal year 2012. It outlines eligibility and requirements for Marines hoping to get out early.

Beyond getting out of the Marine Corps 90-days sooner, the difference for VEERP Marines is minimal. Time in the Individual Ready Reserve component is still compulsory, meaning Marines under the VEERP will observe the same status as Marines who completed their active service the traditional way, and will ultimately complete their eight-year service obligation.

There is a lot of criteria for Marines to meet in order to fulfill requirements for eligibility. For more information, contact your unit career planner, or view the MARADMIN at

Headquarters Marine Corps