New MARADMIN updating reenlistment standards brings big changes

10 May 2011 | Lance Cpl. Christofer P. Baines

Recent changes in reenlistment procedures will help the Marine Corps identify and retain only the most qualified Marines by approving them through selection boards.

Marine Corps Administrative Message 273/11, guidance to all Marines implemented May 5, outlines the new competitive reenlistment procedures, which can affect Marines in both First and Subsequent Term Alignment Plan’s, though first term Marines will feel the biggest impact. First term Marines are those serving in their first enlistment, whereas subsequent term Marines those who have already reenlisted.

For fiscal year 2012, beginning Oct. 1, the system will change from the standard commander’s recommendation to a career planner’s tool with four ratings, which will allow commanders to evaluate the Marines based on their performance and eligibility to take on a boatspace, or designated slot, for fast filling military occupational specialties.

“A fast filling MOS is when there are more reenlistment submissions than available FTAP boatspaces,” said Lt. Col. Michael Landree, head of Enlisted Retention and Career Counseling Section, Manpower Management, Enlisted Assignments, Manpower and Reserve Affairs. “In order to determine which Marines receive these boatspaces, we conduct a board to reenlist the most qualified Marines.”

The highest rating, Tier 1, is for Marines with outstanding performance records, whereas Tier 4 is for Marines closer to the minimum standards for reenlistment. Marines will be evaluated against others in the same military occupational specialty and year group, or the shared year those Marines entered the Corps.

Some Marines will also have the option to perform a lateral move into a highly technical, high demand, low density MOS, such as counterintelligence or explosive ordnance disposal.

“Headquarters Marine Corps will evaluate Marines based upon their education and training scores, and match them with highly technical MOSs that they qualify for,” said Landree. “This gives Marines greater options when reenlisting rather than just their primary MOS.”

In addition, the reenlistment window has been expanded to 90 days. It now begins July 1 and ends Sept. 30.

For more information, Marines should contact their unit’s career planner.

To read the new policy, see MARADMIN 273/11 at

Headquarters Marine Corps