Marines set to lead the way with implementation of DADT repeal

24 Dec 2010 | Cpl. Scott Schmidt

President Barack Obama may have signed a new law Dec. 22 that allows gay service members to serve openly, but no change will take effect until the Defense Department issues implementation guidance, Marine officials said. 

According to a new Marine Corps-wide message from the commandant, Gen James Amos, the Corps “will implement the new policy in accordance with specific directions and guidance from our chain of command.”

Such guidance is now being worked out.

The message reiterates that, though Title 10 U.S. Code 654 has been repealed, changes have not yet been implemented and thus, “It remains DoD policy not to ask service members or recruit applicants about their sexual orientation.” 

Labeled by the American press as an advocate against repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the commandant of the Marine Corps immediately acknowledged the repeal and said the Corps would lead the way in it’s implementation.

“Above all else, we are loyal to the Constitution, our Commander in Chief, Congress, our chain of command and the American people,” Amos said in a written statement. “The Marine Corps will step out smartly to faithfully implement this new policy. I, and the sergeant major of the Marine Corps, will personally lead this effort.”

The new message applies to the Marine Corps total force.

Headquarters Marine Corps