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Gen. James T. Conway, commandant of the Marine Corps, talks to his Marines Nov. 26 about the future of the Marine Corps and the mission at hand in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Conway expressed his confidence in Marines getting the job done. When referring to operations in Afghanistan, “the sky’s the limit,”Conway conveyed in his Defense Department press briefing Dec. 15, even within an 18-month timeframe.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Walter D. Marino

Commandant wants good suggestions to improve the Corps

30 Jan 2010 | Quality and Innovation Branch

The Marine Corps is looking for a few good suggestions.

To tap the knowledge of Marines at all levels in developing battlefield and garrison efficiencies, Headquarters Marine Corps is revamping the Beneficial Suggestion Program.  Often, the best solutions to pressing problems come from the “boots on the ground.”

The Beneficial Suggestion Program encourages all Marine Corps employees to suggest improvements to the Corps’ processes and operations.   Those with suggestions have the opportunity to help their fellow Marines and to earn up to $25,000 for suggestions that are adopted.  The program also provides a communication channel between staff and leadership for improvements to the Corps.  All suggestions are welcome.

The revamped Beneficial Suggestion Program will significantly reduce the time it takes to evaluate and adopt good solutions.  It will also establish a way to replicate good local solutions throughout the Marine Corps. A MARADMIN and an updated order for the revised program are due out shortly.

One place the Corps’ needs your solutions is in improving energy efficiency on the battlefield.  As we strive to “lighten the load” on our Marines, opportunities exist to improve convoy operations, water purification, tent insulation, power generation, and many other areas.  Although Marines can always use the Universal Need Statement (UNS) or Urgent UNS process for battlefield improvements, the Beneficial Suggestion Program provides an additional process for making improvements that help Marines.   

Suggestions may be submitted immediately at  Including as much detail as possible will speed up the evaluation process. 

If you have any questions, contact the Quality and Innovation Branch, Business Management Division, Logistics Capabilities Center, MARCORLOGCOM, at (229) 639-5578 or the Marine Corps Continuous Process Improvement Program Office at (703)-614-4760.

Headquarters Marine Corps