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The new site tells the stories of current Marine officers through videos and incorporates a user interface and overall structure utilizing the very best technology and architecture available for today's audience. Learn more about becoming a Marine officer at

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Marine Officer website receives major upgrade

1 Jun 2009 | Cpl. Bryan McDonnell

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command has updated its officer recruitment website,, to meet the growing needs of today’s internet-oriented generation.

The main purpose of is to encourage prospects to request more information about the Marine Corps and, in turn, connect qualified applicants with an Officer Selection Officer. While OSOs have identified the previous site delivers leads, candidates have not used it as a primary tool for research and information about becoming a Marine officer.

“Over time, a site's features, navigation and overall interactivity fall outside what is considered ‘standard’ for the Internet. While very successful, the previous Marine officer site had reached a natural point where it needed to be updated. The new site incorporates a user interface and overall structure that utilizes the very best technology and architecture available,” said Abram Sirignano, account director for RMG, N.Y., which manages Marine Corps direct and interactive marketing efforts.

Sirignano said the new content, such as interactive material and videos of current Marine officers discussing their experiences, meshes with the expectations of young people.

“The audience for the site (primarily 18-24 year olds) has been raised on a steady diet of videogames, TV, YouTube, etc. So we know the medium is engaging. More importantly, research has shown that potential Marine officers want to see ‘proof source’ stories of success as told, in their own words, by Marine officers. For the site, we put the ‘burden of proof’ on the best resource available: Marines who lead by example every day,” Sirignano said.

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Karl Mayfield, the MCRC National Training Team officer in charge, said the upgrades also refine and simplify the Marine Corps message to those considering the opportunities available in the Marine Corps.

“Serving in the Marine Corps is both an honorable profession as well as a stepping stone to catapult a diamond in the rough (applicant) into a leader who has unlimited possibilities,” Mayfield said.

A clearer message will also provide officer selection teams with applicants who are better prepared to meet the rigorous challenge of being a Marine Corps officer, according to Mayfield.

“Better quality leads in the hands of recruiters save the recruiters time and increases productivity.  In recruiting, leads are the recruiter’s lifeblood.  The primary purpose of is lead generation and education.  The site helps an applicant seek more information and connect him/her with the recruiting force,” Mayfield said.

The updated site will be a better tool for recruiters and an engaging source of information for potential applicants, but Sirignano said the ultimate goal is still to assist young men and women learn the benefits of serving their country and bettering themselves.

“To become a Marine Officer is to follow a path for success. It may be trod by only a few, but those few will lead the very best that our nation has to offer. In turn, the leadership experience you gain as a young Marine officer will uniquely position you for success, whether within the Marine Corps or as a civilian,” Sirignano said.

If you are interested in becoming a U.S. Marine officer, visit or call 1-800-Marines.

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