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Retired Services & Pay (MMSR-6)

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New suits in the running

By Lance Cpl. Jacquelyn M. White | | February 11, 2009

Marine officials recently announced the new physical training uniform will be issued to all active duty Marines free of charge.

The running suits, first revealed to Marines in Iraq Nov. 7, 2007, started arriving in bulk at Marine Corps installations in January, Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Conway said. The mandatory possession date is Oct. 1.

According to Marine Administrative Message 015/09, released Jan. 9, commanders must ensure each Marine receives the running suit and record it in each service record book. The message also states every Marine is responsible for maintaining and retaining their gear.

Distribution Phase III, also known as the “all hands issue,” is already underway, said Lt. Col. A. J. Pasagian, program manager of Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command.

Marine Forces Reserve has been provided guidance on how to order individual running suits for their Marines.

Once the order has been placed, units can expect deliveries within 3-4 days. However, Marines will not be able to purchase the new suits at the exchange until after the Corps-wide distribution.

Uniforms will be ordered electronically through the Kentucky Logistics Operations Center and individually shipped to units. When ordering uniforms, each Marine must know their inseam, waist and hip measurements. If a Marine is due to change duty stations, they should order the running suit when they reach their new location.

Conway initiated the development of the new running suit to provide a quality and durable physical training uniform to be worn in various climates. The expectation was that the running suit would be distinctive like other Marine uniforms, all of which say “Marine” when worn, Pasagian said.

“I think they are a great improvement,” said Staff Sgt. Nicholas A. Soares, Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

They are more comfortable, practical, durable and breathable in comparison with the sweats, he added.  

The running suits are made with silver vertical reflective stripes running along the sides and one across the back. The jackets have the Marine Corps emblem on the font, with “MARINES” displayed transversely along the back. The trousers have “USMC” running down the bottom outside the right pant leg.

Regulations pertaining to the running suit were published in All Marine Message 019/08. For more information on the new PT uniform, call (703) 432-3313.

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