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MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. – Invisible foes receive uppercuts from second lieutenants during tan belt qualification Nov. 29. The Marines from The Basic School’s Alpha Company are being graded on Marine Corps Martial Arts.::n::Photo by Lance Cpl. Joseph Marianelli::n::

Photo by Lance Cpl. Joseph Marianelli

Young officers grapple for tan belt

30 Nov 2007 | Lance Cpl. Joseph Marianelli

Of course, intensity is always desired, but not required.

 Second Lieutenants of Alpha Company practiced Marine Corps Martial Arts at The Basic School Nov. 29 in preparation for tan belt testing and, if situation dictates, to put pain in the enemies body.

 “MCMAP helps instill that combat mindset,” said Sgt. Terrance Wonser, a MCMAP instructor with The Basic School Instructor Battalion. “MCMAP teaches you about your character both mentally and physically.”

 The moves in the tan belt syllabus provide a basis for all the higher belts and the basic skill set must be mastered before higher belt training can occur.

 Each move is practiced repeatedly to ensure correct form and motion in order to firmly establish the basic skill set into muscle and mental memory.

 Repetition, albeit cumbersome and uncomfortable at times, prevents a situation where the enemy acts and the Marine has to actually think his way through the move, by then it’s probably too late.

 In enlisted boot-camp, there is one instructor demonstrating to recruits who repeat the move over and over precluding a one-on-one teaching environment, said Wonser.

 “Here, in TBS, there are a lot of instructors during training so they can help out any of the lieutenants if they have questions,” said Wonser.

 Marines break into groups of four to test out under the scrutinizing eyes of a MCMAP instructor from the Martial Arts Center of Excellence. As a further aid, the instructors allow for questions about any moves before the testing begins.

 Instructors indicate the move to be performed and then observe as each Marine performs the move during his turn. The instructors are checking for form, fluidity and effectiveness

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