Hurricane Awareness with Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

6 Nov 2007 | Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Hermesman

 After the devastation caused by the 2005 hurricane season, the Navy Maine Corps Relief Society provided more than 2.2 million dollars to help victims.

 In the situation of a hurricane, the NMCRS handles funds in disaster situations through a three phase process.

 The first-phase starts when the base commander or civilian authorities have ordered an evacuation. NMCRS can provide funds to help pay for food, gas and lodging. Any loans that are received by clients start as interest free loans. When loans are given, a budget is set up depending on the income of the applicant. For active duty and retired service members a back-up allotment will be set up, signed and filed. The allotment will be used if the service member doesn’t return to file a budget.

 “We provide money needed to cover the basic living needs. Things needed for comfort, like shelter, gas and food,” said Pat Kelly, Camp Lejeune’s NMCRS senior counselor.

 During the second phase assistance will be provided if a home is uninhabitable or if food supply has been lost due to lack of electricity, said Kelly.

 “We can provide immediate financial help during a disaster, interest free. This saves service members from going out and getting commercial, high-interest loans,” he said.

 The last phase, if further funds are needed to get service members back on their feet the NMCRS is there to help. Additional loans needed, will also be interest free for service members. Budgets will be set up on a case by case basis.

 “We want to get the word out that the Relief Society is here to help,” concluded Kelly.

 For more information about the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, call Camp Lejeune at 910-451-5346 or New River at 252-466-2797 or 910-449-6431

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