MCI West releases updated off-limit areas

21 Sep 2007 | Lance Cpl. Michael R. Stevens

Marine Corps Installations West recently announced updated off-limit areas and areas of caution for the service members who fall under its command.

Many of the areas announced in previous MarAdmin’s remain off-limits permanently and during specific times with the following changes.

In San Diego, Sports Auto Sales located at 1112 National City Blvd is off-limits to all military personnel at all times.

Marines are reminded that areas in Otay Mesa and Willie Henderson Park remain off-limits from sunset to sunrise.

To visit Tijuana, Marines and sailors must obtain permission from their chain of command, receive a briefing on the liberty pitfalls of Mexico, be with at least one other service member or adult and must carry a special request chit, signed by the chain of command, while in the Mexico Border Area.

“The majority of those victimized [in Tijuana] are intoxicated and separated from friends, reconfirming the importance of good judgment, the buddy system sobriety and liberty operation risk management,” reads the message.

It is reminded that the message released constitutes a lawful general order and if violated is punishable under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Headquarters Marine Corps