Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 11, 2007

12 May 2007 | #NAME?

On the Friday before Mother’s Day, we pause to recognize Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Our spouses offer quiet strength and untold support.Through long deployments, you sustain our morale with your letters, e-mails, and the comforting knowledge that your thoughts and prayers are always with us. While we’re away, you maintain a sense of stability for our families, providing a constant foundation despite daily challenges and unspoken worries. When we get tired, you dust us off, and put us back into the fight. When we come home and receive recognition, you stand in the background and pretend you had nothing to do with that success.  You provide a special source of inspiration, a daily reminder of the values and freedoms we hold so dear.

You serve this Nation as well as anyone who has ever worn a uniform, and for that we are eternally grateful.  

The Joint Chiefs join me in paying tribute to our devoted military spouses. Thank you for all you do to give us strength to drive on when duty calls. 

General, United States Marine Corps
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Headquarters Marine Corps