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William ?Steve? Alford, manager, Combat Center Officers? Club, is courted by Erin ?FiFi? Davis during the Officers? Spouses Club ?Dining In Without? night at the CCOC April 7. Davis, madame vice for the mess night and real-life wife of 1st Lt Anthony G. Davis of 1st Tank battalion, is also the vice-president of the OSC. This was OSC?s final blowout for the year as their fiscal year ends in May. The OSC awarded more than $14,000 in grants and scholarships this year.

Photo by Gunnery Sgt. Frank Patterson

Spouses enjoy final blowout without

7 Apr 2005 | Gunnery Sgt. Frank Patterson

Camouflage utilities with fur collars? Pink ruffles on an eight-point cover? What in the world?Well, it's not in the world, just at the Combat Center as the Officers' Spouses Club held their last big blowout of their fiscal year, a "Dining In Without," April 7 at the Officers' Club here.The Dining In Without is similar in nature to the Marine Mess Night. "Without" is tacked onto the name because these women are dining without their spouses."This night is all about having fun," said Erin "FiFi" Davis, madame vice for the mess and wife of 1st Lt. Anthony G. Davis of 1st Tank Battalion."The wives were told to wear their husband's uniform but to modify it to reflect their personality," said Stephanie "Sugar" Kozel, mess president, OSC president and married to 1st Lt. James Kozel also of 1st Tanks, to explain the interesting mix of military and civilian attire."This was originally a farewell party for Erin and I," added Kozel, "But it turned into a year-end party for the OSC—our last big function before our [fiscal] year ends."Erin Davis said she is eager about the mess night."I'm excited to be part of this mess night, especially because it is my first," said Davis. "This is a great opportunity to get out and visit with my friends from the OSC, and it's a chance for us to let down our hair after a full year of fundraising activities."The OSC is a non-profit organization that was created to raise money for scholarships and grants, said Davis. She added that the OSC met their goals and expectations this year. Kozel mentioned that the OSC is giving away more than $14,000 in grants and scholarships this year.Kozel considered this a good way to close out here presidency of the OSC. After this, she and her husband are moving to Penn State University, in University Park, Penn., where her husband is slated for the Officer Selection Officer billet."This is my last event with the OSC," said Kozel.Being that this event, even though based on the traditional Marine Mess Night, is not exactly "traditional," the women added a few distinct touches of their own in addition to the bubble-gum pink-and-black theme of the night."One significant event for the night is recognizing the 'TOW' wives," said Lorie L. Zilmer, wife of Combat Center commanding general Richard C. Zilmer. "TOW stands for the 'Tired Old Wives' who, even though their husbands are retired are still active in the OSC. There are about seven or eight of them ranging from 55 to 75 years old. They're the glue that keeps the OSC going year after year."
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