Special MAGTF Marines get their sea legs

20 May 2003 | Lance Cpl. Robert A. Sturkie

United States Marines have earned the title "Warriors of the Sea" for success in battle and providing armed forces in readiness all over the globe.
Providing a forward presence around the world requires Marines to travel and live aboard Naval vessels.
The Marines of the Special Marine Air Ground Task Force based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC are being transported to Fleet Week in New York, which begins May 21.
The Marines are traveling aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Shreveport.  The trip, which started at Naval Base Norfolk, Vir., is the first on a Naval vessel for many of the Marines. 
The first time aboard a ship is a valuable learning experience for any Marine.
PFC Aaron Greenhaw, a Headquarters Battalion armorer from Wylie, Texas, said "I have already gained knowledge on how the Navy/Marine Corps team works together."
Columbus, Ohio native Lance Cpl. Stephen Hughes, Managerial Accounting Chief for 2nd Marine Division, said "I have gained respect for service members that have to live on board a ship for an entire tour."
While this will be a short trip for the Marines compared to a typical overseas deployment, they said the experience would be valuable in future endeavors.
"It makes me appreciate things I take for granted like hot water, being able to jump in may car at any time, or ordering fast food anytime; things like that," said Hughes.
"I will actually know what to do on ship if I go on a deployment, so I won't be lost," said Klamoth Falls, Ore. native PFC Terrance Wonser, a member of 2nd Marine Division Motor Transport.
Greenhaw added, "I will use the knowledge gained during future deployments, and also to help junior Marines under me."
The SPMAGTAF leathernecks will use their new knowledge of ship life to offer advice to Marines yet to board a ship.
Lance Cpl. Justin Davis, an Orangeburg, S.C. native, said "Take the pill for seasickness if the Doc tells you to."
"Don't eat to much greasy food," said Greenhaw.
"Enjoy the experience and do as much as you can," offered Wonser. "Most importantly, have a good time."

Headquarters Marine Corps