Harlem native reenlists in the Corps at WTC

23 Apr 2004 | Cpl. Beth Zimmerman

Spring afternoons in New York City feature tourists and natives filling the streets in a bustling whirlwind of voices faces from all over the world.  However, the ground that used to house the World Trade Center is usually a bit more subdued.

On the afternoon of April 16, the sun dipped behind the clouds as the slow, smooth sound of Taps floated heavily through the grounds of the World Trade Center, and a formation of Marines held a moment of silence.

"We lost a lot of Marines during 9-11," said Sgt. Maj. Anthony Parker, 6th Communication Battalion, Brooklyn, N.Y.  "So I wanted to spiritually share this moment with them," he said.  "That's the reason I asked for Taps."

The occasion was a positive one for Parker, who reenlisted one more time after already serving 25 years in the Corps.  He decided to have the ceremony at the World Trade Center memorial, and he shared it with Marines from 6th Comm.  "The Marine Corps has been my family," said Parker with a warm smile.  "Plus, I think I still have enough fortitude to hang with the young guys."

The Harlem native has always called New York home.

"Growing up, [the World Trade Center] was a landmark for me," said Parker.  "Now that it's not here, I wanted to share this moment with my unit, the Corps and my family."

Parker's wife wasn't surprised he chose to reenlist in the Corps.  "It was what he was doing when I met him," said Denise Parker, his wife of 20 years.  "It's normal now.  I wouldn't be surprised if he re-enlisted again."
Headquarters Marine Corps