NYC "coach" offers help for transitioning Marines

12 Apr 2005 | Sgt. Beth Zimmerman

"You know where it starts, don't you?" asked George Hankoff. After a dramatic pause, he reached across and extended his right hand. "It starts with a handshake and good eye contact," he said. "It's knowing who you are and being confident about it without being overbearing." Hankoff, a New York-based presentation skills coach, has offered to share his skills to help transitioning Marines market themselves for the competitive civilian job market."A Marine comes out of the Corps with experience unlike civilians," said Hankoff. "The age is similar to college graduates," Hankoff said of Marines who finish a four-year enlistment. "But, here's someone who understands a key concept for working in today's world," he said. "Discipline."Hankoff continued to describe the appeal of Marine veterans. "They have many positive attributes that can be used, except for one thing," said Hankoff. "Most of them don't realize it," he said. "That's what we would work on -so [those Marines] could ultimately market themselves." Hankoff said he would work one on one with a transitioning Marine to coach them pro bono. "I'm moved by these kids," said Hankoff. "I want to do something for them," he said. "It's important to have them sit down and realize how much they have to offer."Hankoff has been through that process with many different people. The World War II veteran worked for many years selling television programs for syndication. But, according to Hankoff, "when you get to a certain age, you no longer want to sell." So he worked as a consultant for a former Marine."My function was to coach people in his company in their presentations," said Hankoff. "The objective was to make that person a little more comfortable in their presentation, and hence, a better representation for the company."Hankoff said he would work with the Marine on his or her presentation skills, interview techniques, and resume."This is a process," said Hankoff. "You won't sit down and 30 minutes later walk out and wow the world.""But eventually, the Marines will be able to go out and get a job they really's a lot better than just finding (any) job."Marines in the tri-state area within three months of transitioning may send an email to for coaching consideration.
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