MCCES enjoys a day of friendly competition

6 Oct 2006 | Lance Cpl. Katelyn A. Knauer

In mass formations they traveled down the streets screaming cadences that echoed off the surrounding buildings letting everyone know they were coming. They packed the field ready to battle it out to see who would take home the trophy.

The Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School celebrated their 64th birthday with their 28th Annual Olympiad at Victory Field Oct. 6.

MCCES began as the Pigeon and Flag Handler Platoon in 1932. After several moves and re-designations MCCES was relocated to its present location Feb. 1, 1971.

The day began with a motivation 10k run from the MCCES barracks to Victory Field. From there, the students, along with faculty, participated in several competitions, trying to prove who was the best company.

Some of the competitions included tug-o-war, dizzy izzy, volleyball and an egg toss. The competitions gave students a chance to interact with their teachers and staff on a different level than the classroom setting.

"It’s motivating to see all the officers and instructors participate in the events, especially when they pump out 29 pull ups," said Pvt. John Light, Company B.

One of the first events was the all-ranks relay race, in which teams had to have an officer, a staff noncommissioned officer, a noncommissioned officer and a Marine who was a lance corporal or lower to compete. Bravo Company started off strong and took first place.

Not only was the event a chance for some friendly competition but a chance for Marines to interact with others.

"I’m having a great time," said Pvt. Ali Kobeissi, Company B. "The weather is nice, and it’s a good time to meet up with buddies I haven’t seen in a long time."

As the day came to a close the last event, the aardvark race, decided what order each company would place. It proved to be the most entertaining event of the day.

For this event Marines had to put an orange traffic cone over their face and use only the little hole to see to kick a golf ball to the end of the field. When this event was finished the Marines got in formation to wait and see who would take home first place for this year’s Olympiad.

MCCES executive officer, Lt. Col. Donald Tolbert, awarded Company A the first place trophy for winning the competition. This is the second year in a row Company A has placed first.

"Today was all about camaraderie as a battalion," said Tolbert before he dismissed the battalion.

Following the dismissal MCCES students and staff got back into formation and did a formation run sounding off loud after a motivating Olympiad.
Headquarters Marine Corps