3/11 welcomes new commanding officer

22 Aug 2006 | Cpl. Brian A. Tuthill

Marines and sailors of 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, welcomed their new commanding officer during a ceremony Aug. 22 at the Commanding General’s flagpole, with more than 150 guests in attendance.Lt. Col. Paul E. Huxhold, outgoing commander of 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment and also of 5th Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, passed on 3/11’s colors to his successor, Lt. Col. Mark M. Tull during the ceremony.The ceremony was small in comparison to 3/11’s last change-of-command ceremony where the entire battalion lined the Commanding Generals’ Parade Deck June 16. The event was attended by local commanders and dignitaries, as well as family and friends."It has only been a short time, but I am indebted with gratitude toward the Marines and sailors of 3/11," said Huxhold to his audience. "They have accomplished quite a bit in two-and-a-half months."Since Huxhold came to 3/11, two batteries have deployed, one has redeployed, a third will deploy next month to Iraq, as well as providing various missions aboard the Combat Center."I especially want to thank the officers and staff noncommissioned officers of the battalion," said Huxhold, mentioning they were what helped maintain the battalion, as he will return full-time to 5/11 at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif."Mark, it’s my privilege to pass the colors of 3/11 to you today," said Huxhold to Tull into the microphone. "Although it has only been two months, I have a lot of loyalty and feelings to the Marines and sailors of 3/11, and part of passing the colors is that confidence I know you’ll take good care of them."As Huxhold left the front of the audience, he passed off the microphone to Tull with a handshake and a warm smile.Tull spoke to the commanders and families for a few moments before turning to the ceremonial company of Marines in formation behind him."I look forward to working with each and every one of you as we face the challenges the future brings," he said.Marines, sailors and guests of 3/11 were invited back to the battalion command post for a barbecue lunch and entertainment for the children.
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