CJTF-HOA remembers 9-11

14 Sep 2003 | Cpl. Eric C. Ely

On Thursday September 11, service members aboard Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, took time to remember those who died two years ago, as well as those who have fallen since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism.

The event started with a stirring slideshow containing images from September 11, 2001, and events that have transpired since then as part of the global war on terrorism.

"I hope that what we experience here tonight will inspire us, encourage us, motivate us, and make us even more faithful to the oaths we took upon enlisting and commissioning in our armed forces," said Air Force Chaplain Charles Seligman

"May what we do tonight create a future from our past. I am willing to bet none of us would be here tonight if it were not for the events of September 11. This service tonight is not to memorialize the day. That would be giving too much to those that orchestrated those events.

"We come tonight to remember and to consecrate ourselves to press on, so that those we leave behind, would not live in fear, but in freedom and liberty."

A prayer was said to remember those who have fallen since that September11, and to strengthen the resolve of service members conducting vital work toward freedom and safety while missing important things back home.

A moment of silence followed in honor of those who died September 11, 2001. A bell then tolled out three times. The first for victims of 9-11, the second marking casualties of Operation Enduring Freedom, and the final toll for casualties of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Marine Brigadier General Mastin M. Robeson, CJTF-HOA Commander, was the key note speaker for the occasion, and had this to say, "I don't know why you came or why you stayed or why you accepted orders to Djibouti, Africa. I know many of you came back to active duty, came out of retirement or decided not to retire or get out because of what happened September 11.  

"On September 12, 2001, President George W. Bush called us to action against a foe that would threaten the freedom that we love and the future of our nation, and ultimately the world we live in," continued Robeson. "This is truly a global war on terrorism. This is a hard war, and is likely not to be a short war."

According to Robeson, the efforts of members of CJTF-HOA, have led to eighteen known transnational terrorist being captured or killed.

"It is unlikely that you will know the results of your efforts. One day the history books will tell the truth about what you have done here in the Horn of Africa. History will document that you are part of a new standard, you should be proud of what you have done" said Robeson.

"Your reward will be unsung. Your reward will be the knowledge that you took part in ensuring freedom and a future for our children. I am proud to serve with you, I am proud to be here amongst you tonight. God bless you, and good luck as we continue the mission," said Robeson.

Headquarters Marine Corps