Djiboutian good samaritans return lost wallet and gain jobs

18 Feb 2003 | Cpl. Matthew J. Apprendi

Housein Moussa Dirieh and Said Bouh Rayaleh, local residents here, proved that honesty truly is the best policy when they returned a lost wallet to a U.S. Kellogg, Brown and Root employee working at Camp Lemonier.

While conducting business downtown, the KBR employee who wishes to remain anonymous, lost his wallet as he was exiting a cab. He went back to the cab area later, but the wallet was nowhere to be found.

"I looked for it throughout the area and asked people if they found it, but no such luck - I figured it was a lost cause," said the KBR employee.

Little did he know, Dirieh and Rayeleh were on the job. The same morning, Rod Ward, KBR project manager, was in a meeting at the office of Col. Dsman N. Soubagle of the Djiboutian army.

The office telephone rang - it was Soubagle's wife informing him there were two men, Dirieh and Rayeleh, at the door returning an American's wallet. Dirieh and Rayeleh knew Soubagle worked closely with the Americans at Camp Lemonier, and he would be able to help them in their quest to return the missing wallet to the owner.

Their mission was a success because, Ward immediately recognized the employee's name.

"All of the money and identification items were returned to him intact," Ward said. "Due to the nature of this selfless act, KBR wanted to show their appreciation by formally thanking the two."

Dirieh and Rayeleh met with Ward and the KBR employee at military headquarters Feb. 17 where the two good samaritans were thanked publicly.

As a result of the men's noble display of character, Ward offered Dirieh and Rayeleh jobs with KBR at Camp Lemonier. They gratefully accepted and will be working at the camp soon.

"Sometimes when people visit a foreign country, they feel the locals are against them visiting, but that isn't the case here," the KBR employee said.  "Everyone is friendly and always trying to help me out."
Headquarters Marine Corps