Marines, Afghan Soldiers Foil Ambush, Kill Taliban Fighters

8 Jun 2004 | #NAME?

Marines from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) continued their assault into the Taliban heartland, where they killed Taliban fighters poised to ambush them in central Afghanistan today.

The battle occurred as the Marines and Afghan fighting forces approached a site identified as a likely ambush site. As Marines advanced, an intense firefight ensued. Some enemy fled, and others stayed and continued to fight.

Five Marines were wounded in the battle, but all are stable and receiving medical treatment. An Afghan soldier and an interpreter were wounded during the U.S.-led offensive.

The wounded Marines and Afghan soldier were treated and stabilized, then taken to Forward Operating Base Ripley for more medical treatment.

Marines detained four enemy personnel, two of whom are being treated for battlefield injuries.

Headquarters Marine Corps