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Robin J. Roberts of VMU-1 slide tackles Headquarters Battalion 1?s Hector A. Orellana during the second game of the Commanding General?s Intramural Soccer League season June 16. HQBN-1 went on to win 6-0.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Brian A. Tuthill

Soccer players dribble for wins in week two

16 Jun 2005 | Lance Cpl. Brian A. Tuthill

The second games of the season kicked off as four teams went head-to-head in the Commanding General's Intramural Soccer League June 16 at Felix Field.

The two games that night ended in victories for Headquarters Battalion 1 as they defeated VMU-1 at 5:30 p.m., 6-0; Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School took down 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 4-3 at 7 p.m.

"I thought we had slept through most of the first half," said Leonard T. Weber, MCCES head coach.  "We knew we needed to pick up the pace in the second half and keep hammering away if we were going to win."

Even though it was only the second game of the season, rivalries and strong competitive spirits already began to shine through for some teams.

"[1st Tank Battalion] and Headquarters Battalion 2 are probably our biggest rivals and both shown very strong at the beginning of the season," said Weber.  "I'm looking forward to matches with both of them."

During the first game of the night, HQBN-1 took an early lead over VMU-1 with three goals scored at the half and maintained that strength throughout the entire game.

"We did pretty well today," said HQBN-1 head coach Adrienne E. Laman.  "We switched up a lot of positions tonight when we took the lead and exercised different players' strengths."

Although they never lost their motivation, the odds were not in VMU-1's favor.  The team suffered injuries and played with a minimum of players the majority of the game.

"Tonight was great," said Ruby Lona, VMU-1 head coach.  "They played with exactly 11 on the field and had three injuries.  So we did what we had to do."

"Our first goalie was injured in the box," continued Lona.  "We had one knee injury and another hamstring injury, too.  But it was a great game overall, and we'll take it one game at a time."

MCCES' bout with 1/7 was a close game until the end as teams matched goal-for-goal the entire way.  The game resembled a slow-moving tennis match as players dribbled the ball back and forth across the field and tested the wits of one another's defense.

"1/7's defense was superb, and it was a bit frustrating for us," said Weber.  "But this team never quits, and the players all feed off of one another.  1/7 put up a great fight until the end, and we look forward to playing them again in the playoffs."

"Our big showdown is going to be against Headquarters Battalion [2] coming up here," said Laman.  "We're really looking forward to that since we like to beat up on our headquarters brothers and sisters."

Teams play every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Felix Field.
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