Public private venture to start leasing early August

29 Apr 2005 | Sgt. Robert L. Fisher III

The new military housing privatization project, commonly known as Public-Private Venture, is scheduled to start the lease process in early August.

The process will entail the military member residing in on-base housing to sign a lease agreement, very similar to a “private sector rental” lease.  However, if the military member is deployed, a power-of-attorney will be needed for the spouse to sign.  801 housing residents are not affected or required to sign a lease agreement, as 801 housing is not part of the PPV project.

“The PPV lease affords the resident and the property manager a number of protections,” said Ray Zapata, Housing Administration Officer.  “The units will no longer be owned by the government, and the resident lease denotes the terms and conditions of occupancy between the service member and the PPV property manager.”

The initial term of the lease will be six months for all service members.  After the initial lease expires, the lease will convert to a month-by-month lease term.

A standard military clause along with provisions in the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act will apply to each lease for when the service member receives permanent change-of-station orders.  He/she can then get out of the lease without any repercussions.

“The standard clause will apply to all privatized housing leases,” said Zapata.  “For all other situations, a 30-day notice of termination must be given to the property manager.”

“If the resident intends to terminate the lease prior to the expiration date for any other reason than PCS orders, the resident must submit a request in writing,” Zapata continued.

The lease will remain the same for all military members regardless of rank or family size.

“There is only one standard resident lease that will be used for all housing residents,” said Zapata.

Even though leases will not differ, the same community standards will still apply for many housing areas, such as pet restrictions.

Family housing will update its residents in future editions of the Observation Post, Channel 6, Speedcalls, the housing newsletter, individual mailings and town hall meetings throughout the summer.

“More information regarding lease signings will be provided during the upcoming town hall resident meetings,” said Zapata.

For more information on PPV, visit the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Housing Privatization Web site at

Headquarters Marine Corps