RSU get new building to better support CAX and T4T

27 Aug 2003 | Cpl. Julie A. Paynter

The Reserve Support Unit moved to its new facilities on 13th Street behind the military fuel facility Aug. 12 to better support their two-fold mission.

The $6.9 million compound is a two-building project; one building is for administration, logistics and warehousing approximately $3.5 million in gear.   The second building is the RSU's new maintenance branch, which includes 12 maintenance bays and an armory issue point.

According to Staff Sgt. Darryl Elliott, supply chief and Toys For Tots coordinator, 60 percent of their newly acquired equipment had to be stored outside  in the old facility because of inadequate space.

"Ultimately that is why we rated the new facility, and it also enabled us to consolidate the Reserve Support Unit," said Elliott.  The RSU was formerly split up into several different buildings.  "This new storage space is going to meet our requirements which in turn will help us support incoming units."

According to Capt. Mark Bodde, officer-in-charge, the new administration building has conference rooms for meetings and a room for briefings that can hold 250 people for training.

"We didn't really have a pre-staging area [for visiting units]," said Bodde.  "Really the intent of this building will be to issue the facility to whatever the exercise force is.  The maintenance bays can work for any type of track or rolling stock the Marine Corps owns."

According to Bodde, having the new maintenance facility relieves a portion of Exercise Equipment Allowance Pool's and Exercise Support Division's workload and gives RSU a chance to provide support back to them.

The new facility is open for any units to use though, explained Bodde.  "We want to say yes, and we want to support.  It's for anyone to use as long as the basic guidelines for use are met."

Within the RSU compound is a shaded structure for tactical vehicles and four loading ramps.  Also within the facility is an extra parking lot for visiting units to secure their personal vehicles.

"It allows peace of mind that every thing is secure," said Bodde.  "They can be assured their vehicles are secure for the evening."

The facilities will also provide warehouse space for RSU's other mission, the Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots program.  The local chapter supports children by collecting and distributing new toys to children ages 18 and below in the Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin during the Christmas holiday.

In 2002, the RSU collected, purchased and received, 30, 089 toys that needed storage space until their December distribution dates for the high and low desert.

"It's only a matter of time before people realize the value [of these facilities] and start to use them," said Bodde,  "We want [these facilities] to be used."

For more information on RSU support facilities, contact Staff Sgt. Elliott at 830-7285.
Headquarters Marine Corps