2/7 wives show their combat skills

28 Jun 2002 | Cpl. Julie A. Paynter

Marines from 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, and their families came together for Jane Wayne Day and Family Day June 21. A part of their preparing for 2/7's August deployment, Marines invited their significant others to experience some of the training their husbands go through within the unit. "It gets the spouses to come out and see what their husbands do as Marines, and it gives them a chance to network with the other wives to build a support base for their families," said Capt. David W. Palmer, Intelligence Officer and Recreational Services Officer, 2/7. "It was a good chance for me to meet the other wives," said Angela Burgess, wife of Lance Cpl. Kris Burgess, Fox Co., 2/7. "I knew the wives I lived around in base housing, but none from his company." More than 35 women ran the obstacle course, rappelled from a 50-foot tower and practiced aiming in and shooting the M-16 A2 Service Rifle, M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon and other weapons in the Integrated System Maintenance Trainer. "It went great," said Burgess who has came here in August 2001. "I liked the ISMT. I?m pretty good at shooting guns and tried the 240 Golf, the M-16 and the 9 millimeter [pistol]." Burgess said she is attending the next Key Volunteers course so she can help people and keep up with unit information. "I thought it was excellent to see what they do and what they've done," said Burgess. "Through all the bumps and bruises [from the training] I'm ready to do it again." Navy Chaplin (Lt.) Michael E. Foskett, 2/7, coordinated the children?s pre-deployment briefing at the Protestant Chapel. "They did a puppet show, using characters children could relate to, to explain why their fathers are deploying," said Palmer. The wives were also given a pre-deployment brief. "It's important, because many times the families don't know what to expect," said Palmer. "With the briefings we're able to give information pertaining to the Marines' location and dates they are in certain areas." After the morning briefs and the Jane Wayne Day exercises Marines, their wives and family members met at Victory Field for a Family Day celebration. Guests played in flag football, softball, basketball and volleyball tournaments. "Judging from the turnout, I'm pleased to see how much the Marines and their families support unit events like this that focus on building families," said Palmer.
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