Marines, Sailors boogie at Hispanic Heritage Committee’s Dance

22 Oct 2004 | Cpl. Itzak Lefler

Whether they were salsa shaking or break-dancing, Marines and Sailors boogied Saturday night away at Hispanic Heritage Committee’s Membership Dance Oct. 16 at the Staff Noncommissioned Officers Club Hashmarks.

Everyone enjoyed free Hispanic food and prize give-aways while Gunnery Sgt. Martin “DJ Flaco” Flores, Hispanic Heritage Committee representative, kept the party going with traditional Hispanic music such as salsa, meringue and bachata, along with a taste of hip-hop and techno.

Even though the night began early, it didn’t take long for the party to get started.

“It was only an hour that made a huge turnout tonight; normally the dance floor doesn’t fill up until late,” said Staff Sgt. Robert Hinojosa, representative, HHC.  “Tonight was the final day of Hispanic Heritage Month, so we usually close up the month with a dance.  The people of the committee help put together these events, and whatever we make tonight will go towards scholarships, Condor Elementary and new members.”

While fully clad in their dusty utilities and boots, many Marines and Sailors from Marine Expeditionary Unit Service Support Group 13 took a break from the field to tear up the dance floor while on their final training week of Desert Exercise Black Horse 2004.

Marines and Sailors shared the floor to show off their break-dancing or traditional salsa-dancing skills. 

“It’s been awhile, but I’ll dance to anything,” said Maj. Jesse Mendez, executive officer, MSSG-13, who learned his dancing moves in San Antonio, Texas.  “Glad to have had the opportunity to come by and dance as a break from training.”

“We were on liberty and just wanted to have fun; I don’t even know how to dance,” joked HM2 Robert Pagcaliwagan, corpsman, MSSG-13, who had fellow corpsman, HM3 Estela Rojas, MSSG-13, show him some moves.  

Hinojosa said though Hispanic Heritage Month is over, everyone can expect more events throughout the year.  

“We’re always looking for new members,” said Hinojosa.  “All ranks are welcome, and we always listen to comments and suggestions on what to do for the year.”

Headquarters Marine Corps