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James Lee, construction worker with Young Construction Company for 20 years, drills in hand guards on the new seats for the Sunset Cinema. The construction crew finished the renovation April 8.

Photo by Sgt Robert L. Fisher III

Sunset Cinema gets makeover

15 Apr 2005 | Sgt. Robert L. Fisher III

Combat Center residents will enjoy the changes made to the Sunset Cinema when it re-opens for full operation April 20.

"The changes will not necessarily draw more people to the theater, but it will enhance their experience," said Paul H. D'Amico, theater manager, Marine Corps Community Services.

The renovation included 800 new seats, new tiling on the first floor, and new paint on the second floor.  New carpeting and safety lights were installed in the third floor and a new water heater for the whole building.

According to Richard Park, worker for the contracted construction company that worked on the renovations, the new seats have a five-year warranty so they will not break anytime soon.

"The last seats were welded, and metal welding will break over time," said Park. "The new seats will take up to 2,500 pounds."

The crew finished working on the renovations April 8, but is scheduled to return to make sure everything works before being officially complete April 20.

"The actual work took approximately eight weeks," said Lt. Cmdr. Kevin M. Norton, resident officer-in-charge of construction. "There were delays because of the use of the facility and a manufacturing process change."

The seats are a big change for the facility.  Some residents may be more willing to go to the theater for their entertainment now the new seats are in place.

"These seats are much more roomy and comfortable than the previous seats," said Norton. "Theater activities have always been popular because they are free and comfortable.  Usable seats will make it much more popular."

Residents may also be a happy about the change because of the number of events that take place at the theater.

"This auditorium is the only primary gathering place on base for deploying Marines," said Norton. "It's also for the commanding general's town hall meetings and other MCCS events in addition to movie viewings."

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