Civil Affairs Marines deliver medical supplies to Ferris

3 Mar 2007 | Lance Cpl. Chokechai Vayavananda

The 4th Civil Affairs Group, Naval District Washington, delivered medical supplies to the  Ferris Hospital here.

The mission of delivering supplies was accomplished by the 4th Civil Affairs Group, team one, located in Fallujah, where they loaded the medical supplies onto an an Amphibious Assault vehicle and delivered them with the help of 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion.

The Ferris hospital was in need of basic medical supplies to treat patients. The Marines were greeted by a grateful hospital staff upon delivery of the various medical supplies. The Marines found the lead doctor and he sent his staff to help them offload, said Capt. Jodie L. Sweezey, 4th CAG team leader.

The Ferris hospital received $23,000 worth of medical supplies that were shipped to Camp Fallujah from the Humanitarian Assistance Center, Kuwait. The supplies included surgical instruments, patient-care materials, lights, laboratory equipment, dental, and anesthesia supplies.

The medical equipment was part of a much larger shipment of excess Department of Defense supplies from the Defense Reutilization Marketing Office in Japan and Qatar. They were provided to five designated hospitals in Al Anbar Province to improve their current medical capabilities and to reach out to the local communities.

“The Marines have developed a strong relationship with the local hospital in Ferris,” said Sweezey. In September, the Marines delivered an Anesthesiology machine and incinerator to burn biohazard materials. In December, the Marines brought them an amtrack full of medical supplies, which included medicines, bandages, etc, where each time the hospital staff offered to help them offload the supplies, explained Sweezey.

The intended outcome is to help meet the needs of the patients and to reach out to the local community.

Headquarters Marine Corps