Security detail escorts battlefield leader through dangerous missions

23 Feb 2007 | Sgt. Tracee L. Jackson

The Marines assigned to the Personal Security Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) exist for one specific reason: to protect their general officer regardless of circumstances.  It sounds simple enough, but their general is a combat commander who spends much of his time visiting Marines on the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom. To complete their solitary mission, the Marines of the detachment need a laundry list of infantry skills to escort their chieftain safely through a combat zone.

Brig. Gen. Charles. M. Gurganus, commanding general, Ground Combat Element, Multi-National Force-West, makes frequent stops to outposts throughout Iraq to attend ceremonies, take care of business, assess situations and check on the morale of his Marines. His security detail works around the clock to curtail the constant threat of Improvised Explosive Devices during convoys, sniper fire from city buildings, mortar attacks and assaults that can take place while the general conducts his everyday business. 

The general’s personal security detail is always with him. Sometimes they’re visible, and sometimes they’re not, but they’re always by his side whenever he steps outside the wire.

Headquarters Marine Corps