ALMAR addresses Marine fatalities

11 Jan 2001 | Marine Corps News

While there has been a modest decrease in private motor vehicle mishaps during Fiscal Year 2001, the highway still holds the greatest risk to Marines, which is why according to Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James L. Jones, all Marines are required to read ALMAR 002/01. 

During the month of December 2000, ten Marines died due to mishaps; four in an aviation mishap, three in separate duty mishaps and three in private motor vehicle mishaps.  Ten others suffered significant injuries, and two died from suspected suicide.  On the flip side, three Marines survived vehicle accidents due to their decision to wear a seat belt, according to ALMAR 002/01.

Last year, thirteen Marines died in the month of December; seven died in an aviation mishap, one in an on duty mishap and five in private motor vehicle mishaps.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, January has more deaths on average than any other month.  "Take steps today to ensure that you and your Marines do not become statistics in the New Year," said Gen. Jones.

Headquarters Marine Corps