Delete those brown t-shirts

1 Aug 2000 | Sgt. A.C. Strong, Marine Corps News

How does one delete a t-shirt you might ask. Well you don't...exactly.

However, according to MARADMIN 380/00, if you're still wearing the brown t-shirts as of May 1, 2000, you'd better do something with them, because if you are wearing them, you are out of uniform.

The phasing out of the brown t-shirt began in 1999 and was to be completed on May 1, 2000 according to the MARADMIN. Currently, the green undershirts are the only shirts authorized for all styles and types of physical training and for use under the utility uniform.

"There shouldn't be anyone who doesn't have access to uniform items," said GS-11 M. K. Boyt, program manager permanent Marine Corps uniform board. "The [Marine Corps] exchange has a mail order catalog where they can order any Marine Corps uniform item."

The Marine Corps reserve gets a short reprieve, as their compliance date has been set at Sept. 30, 2001. This is only true however until a unit or individual is called to active duty. At that that time, they must comply with all current uniform regulations of the active component.

More information can be found in MARADMIN 521-99 and Marine Corps Order P10120.28 which can be found under publications on the Marine Corps web page at:

The mail order catalog phone numbers for the Marine Corps Exchange are 800-368-4088 for enlisted, and 800-762-8762 for officers.
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