Family readiness: A Corps issue

20 Oct 2000 | Sgt. A.C. Strong, Marine Corps News

What's in a name? On the surface the Family Readiness/ Marine Corps Family Team Building Meeting sounds like another meeting in the midst of the barrage required of our Marines. However, it could play a major part in the quality of life for Marines and their families."Family readiness equates to unit readiness," said Ms. Carol Lavoy, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Headquarters Marine Corps, Henderson Hall, Personal Services, a section of Marine Corps Community Services. "You can't have one without the other."Each unit is responsible for appointing a FRO or family readiness officer for the committee. Representatives from the Key Volunteers, MCCS, and other command officers attend to ensure that the latest information on family readiness is made available to each Marine, starting with those attending the meeting."It only works if the FROs attend," said Ms. Lavoy. "You may be the only link for Marines, as they may not receive this information from anyone but you.""This is a tremendous program and the forum to address any issues relating to Marines and their families," said Maj. John D. Voelker, Operations and Training Officer, Henderson Hall. "It's a great tool for commanders to enable their Marines to concentrate on the mission."The main topics discussed during the meeting held on Tuesday, October 17, at Headquarters Marine Corps, were the Thanksgiving Food Basket Program and Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program. Also discussed were subjects such as Marine Baby Boot Camp, Domestic Violence Awareness workshops, and the upcoming L.I.N.K.S. (Lifestyles, Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills) By Spouses, For Spouses.The Family Readiness Program is command directed and was implemented following the Gulf War. However, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing has had the program since 1982. "When it's not a time of crisis, everyone gets complacent," said Ms. Lavoy. "But family readiness equals unit readiness, equals mission accomplishment. Isn't that what the Corps is all about?"For more information regarding the holiday programs offered in your area, contact your base or station Marine Corps Personal Services (formerly Family Service Center).Would you or a Marine you know make an effective family readiness officer for your unit? Contact your Marine Corps Family Team Building Representative for your base or station, and get involved. "Remember, you are your Marines' link."
Headquarters Marine Corps