Safety is a priority

18 Oct 2000 | By Santha K. Davis

The safety of all Marines is very important according to General James L. Jones, 32d Commandant of U.S. Marine Corps who reinforces his personal philosophy in ALMAR message 036/00. General Jones states in this message that it has been one year following the publication of his safety guidance on July 1, 1999, which address accidents resulting in the deaths of 112 of our Marines and sailors, and injuries to 775 others. These statistics include both training and off-duty mishaps. The numbers are very alarming. Sadly, in many cases, deaths and injuries could easily have been prevented. For example, 50 percent of the Marines killed off-duty in motor vehicle collisions was not wearing seatbelts. Such losses are as senseless and inexcusable as they are tragic.

Therefore, as a result of these Marine deaths and injuries General Jones would like for all Marines to remember, "their goal is to train realistically, but safely, recognizing and assessing risk, just as we do in combat." Also, another safety precaution for Marines who travel daily on highways, keep in mind the importance of applying defensive driving skills and remember to wear your seatbelts.

General Jones is encouraging all Marines to learn more about safety prevention by reviewing the text version along with photographs on the commandant's page at Marine Link website address http:

Headquarters Marine Corps