CJTF-HOA Sgt. Maj. spreads leadership training to Kenya military

5 May 2003 | Cpl. Andrew W. Miller

Sergeant Maj. Joseph M. Morgan, Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa sergeant major, conducted a PME (professional military education) seminar in Nairobi, Kenya with the non-commissioned officers of the Kenyan military April 24.

"This all evolved from discussions with embassy officials in Kenya about starting a course to share leadership training with the Kenyan Army," said Morgan.  "This idea catapulted into an NCO class with approximately 210 service members ranging from the rank of E-4 to warrant officer."

Through handouts and lecture/demonstration, Morgan touched on topics such as officer and NCO relationships, mission accomplishment and how discipline is handled in the Marine Corps for situations such as alcohol abuse.

"The eagerness of these service members was very motivating for me," said Morgan. "I think personally I gained a lot from seeing the similarities between how we both operate on a daily basis."

Morgan explained that he feels the Kenyans also gained a lot from his class and recalled one particular topic that seemed to raise their eyebrows.

"I think I got the biggest reaction from them when we were discussing the officer and enlisted relationship," he said.  "I told them that a lot of times because their rank can be intimidating, we tend to tell officers what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. I think having someone explain this might help with the working relationship between the two."

Although this evolution turned a new page for CJTF-HOA, Morgan explained that given future opportunities, this could be a huge step for the partnership and training between CJTF-HOA and its coalition partners.

"The reaction was so overwhelming that they (Kenya military) want to set up a mobile training unit to hold leadership panels," Morgan said. "What we would like to do is get a couple of the Kenyans to go to Camp Lejeune to attend the Platoon Sergeant's Course and the NCO School."

However, this type of PME will not be limited to Kenyan military forces. 

"Right now we are compiling our funds and getting a broader view of what it will take to make this successful," Morgan said. "We are prepared and have the ability if other countries would like to participate.  I personally think this will be beneficial to the mission in the Horn of Africa."

Headquarters Marine Corps