Camp Lemonier gets Army Deputy Commander

23 Aug 2003 | Sgt. Bradly Shaver

Army Brigadier Gen. Willard C. Broadwater is the new deputy commander of Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa, helping ensure that CJTF-HOA mission of disrupting, defeating and deterring transnational terrorists in the region is accomplished.

"As deputy commander my primary job is to assist the commander in the successful completion of CJTF-HOA's mission," he explained.

Broadwater comes to Camp Lemonier highly recommended and as a valuable asset. Having served as the Assistant Adjutant General for Installations and Homeland Security in the West Virginia Army National Guard, Broadwater brings counter-terrorism experience to CJTF-HOA.

"I heard Gen. Broadwater's name mentioned as the best choice for a deputy commander before I took command here," said Marine Brig. Gen. Mastin M. Robeson, commander CJTF-HOA.

"Having another general officer here in theater who can assist me, both in the command and control and planning of the future, as well as in the engagement with the seven different host nations, will be absolutely invaluable," Robeson expressed. "I'm thrilled to have him here ... we are definitely fortunate to have someone with his talent, experience and capabilities; we will benefit greatly as a Combined Joint Task Force."

Broadwater said, as the new deputy commander he is looking forward to the many aspects CJTF-HOA has to offer. Some of these aspects include military-to-military training and working with host nations to accomplish its mission.

"Being able to conduct 'mil-to-mil' training with the host nations is a value added to our mission here," Broadwater said. "I'm very much in favor of not only engaging in these types of operations as a head against terrorist gaining ground, but also because it helps the allies who are here with us at Camp Lemonier. I look forward to participate on a day-to-day basis with our soldiers at this location."

After 30 years of service in the Army, Broadwater can define his leadership style in four simple rules:

Rule number one - "Fit to fight. You've got to be in shape for all your military duties. As Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said 'fatigue makes cowards of us all."

Rule number two - "Fight to win. Not only in the pursuits you undertake in your civilian life and your hobbies but in the military as well- there is no substitute for victory. You get in that mindset by always trying to win any contest you participate in. By doing that you're going to be able to stretch your own individual goals and achieve more than you even thought you could. You're going to lay the foundation to be prepared to win in combat."

Rule number three - "Do your best. When you continually try to do your own best, you're able to pull from within strength, endurance and stamina you never had. I've often found that individuals are their own best judges of how far or how long they can go. If you make someone promise to do their best, you're going to get the most out of them."

Rule number four - "Never ever quit. That, more than anything else applies to the success of myself as a soldier and those qualities of the officers, staff noncommissioned officers and noncommissioned officers that I have served with.

"I feel that a combination of those four rules will make you a success, not only in the military but any endeavor that you have in your lifetime," he said.

Directing his view to the troops of CJTF-HOA, Broadwater said the War on Terrorism is going to be as long and difficult as the Cold War was for our parents.

"We're only into the opening phases of it," he said. "It's difficult to see each soldier's contributions on a day-to-day basis. Only when the war against terror is won, will you understand the significant part that each and every service member in the Horn of Africa has played in that regard."

Headquarters Marine Corps