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Deputy Commandant for Information

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Web-based system changes how orders are processed

By | | October 19, 2005

Individual mobilization augmentees have a new way to get military orders.

Air Reserve Order Writing System-Reserve, a Web-based system, began Oct. 1 for IMAs. It allows them to initiate the orders process from any computer anywhere in the world. Units could start using AROWS-R as early as Nov. 1, said Air Force Reserve Command officials.

“My maiden voyage into AROWS-R was a great,” said Col. Rune B. Lillquist, an IMA assigned to 59th Maintenance Squadron at Lackland AFB, Texas. “It was easier than my first try at (the Web Orders Transaction System). I found the multiple-choice selections very helpful.”

WOTS is the previous program used by IMAs to generate military orders. They can continue to access WOTS for past duty information but must request all new orders through AROWS-R.

The new system combines WOTS and three existing personal computer-based systems to process reservists’ orders.

“AROWS-R will revolutionize the way orders are published throughout this command,” said Col. Deborah Suski, AFRC comptroller here. “Commanders will have visibility of their troops’ TDY to include the cost and what operations they are supporting.”

After a request has been entered into the system, the program automatically routes it through all the necessary channels. The program also checks for funding and any required waivers at the beginning of the process.

The AROWS-R allows reservists, commanders and people in the base finance office and orderly room to check the status of the orders throughout the entire process.

“AROWS will provide the Air Force Reserve Command 100 percent accountability of our assigned forces while on active duty,” said Col. Roxane Towner, Readiness Management Group commander. “It will integrate the IMAs and unit reservists into one orders system, giving the command complete visibility over our reservists.”
Besides giving the command a way to account for its reservists, the new system provides active-duty commanders and supervisors visibility into the process with a report capability.

“Not only did I accomplish the process of transmitting my request for orders more rapidly than with WOTS but I also had a draft copy to validate the process to my supervisor and to keep in my records,” said Colonel Lillquist.
AROWS is not new to the Department of Defense. The Naval Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve use the system.

If people have questions or need more information about the new system, they can call the help desk at DSN 497-0522, commercially at 478-327-0522 or toll-free at 800-223-1784, Ext. 0522. They can also use Ext. 1455 or 1258.