Spiritual Fitness Tie-ins
Tie-ins are short messages that teach an important life message. They may use an object or activity related to training or that Marines are familiar with, or they may use historical events or figures to inspire Marines.

Tie-ins have been used in the Marine Corps, especially in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) for years with the intent to increase motivation and spiritual fitness.  Tie-ins are simply stories or analogies that teach an important life lesson.  When used in the proper time and way, tie-ins can be a tremendously effective leadership tool that can integrate into training naturally. 

LostIdentifying foundational values and meaning is compared to land navigation.419.95 KB
Moral CompassLike using a compass for navigation, each Marine needs a guide for moral decisions.321.03 KB
Night Vision GogglesHope and positivity illuminate light in dark times in life.426.70 KB
Tempered SteelJust as tempering increases the toughness and durability of steel, spiritual fitness increases resilience.328.35 KB
Trust the RopePersonal Faith is compared to Rappeling. 496.99 KB
Edson's RidgeFortifying our position and cutting off enemy supply lines is key to success.157.18 KB
Get Off the BeachThe beach at Iwo Jima in WWII is compared to facing challenges in life.460.38 KB
Marines Make DoDespite nothing going their way, Marines in Tripoli found ways to overcome.353.96 KB
Seige at Khe SanhSurrounded and outnumbered, Khe Sanh Marines rely on support to overcome.497.75 KB
Riding the EscalatorLife, unlike an escalator, is not an easy ride to the top.239.92 KB
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