Headquarters Marine Corps Casualty Section (MFPC)
Information on the Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Program.

Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Program

The loss of a Marine is always difficult, especially for the family. Families expect to be informed of the cause and circumstances surrounding the loss of their loved one as soon as it is known. The Casualty Assistance Program is committed to ensuring the families of our fallen Marines are always treated with the utmost compassion, dignity and honor. We actively seek to improve survivor assistance and have a demonstrated record of quick, effective action.

The Headquarters Marine Corps Casualty Section conducts telephonic notification to the next of kin of wounded, injured and ill Marines utilizing information contained in the Personnel Casualty Report (PCR).  Notifications are typically completed within four hours of receipt of the PCR. When warranted, family members may travel to the bedside via Invitational Travel Orders. The Headquarters Marine Corps Casualty Section processes and facilitates this travel. Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACOs) are assigned to the next of kin of the deceased, Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown and missing Marines.

Next of kin of the deceased are notified in-person by a uniformed CACO. A chaplain accompanies the CACO when possible. Following notification, CACOs assist the next of kin with burial arrangements, applications for benefits and entitlements, contact with benevolent and philanthropic organizations, obtaining reports of investigation, as well as other pertinent issues.

Additional Services
  • Provide immediate casualty assistance to Marine Corps families with compassion, dignity and honor.

  • Task and assign units to provide Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACOs) to supported family members.

  • Facilitate delivery of command investigations to family members to provide closure.


***If you are in need of immediate Casualty Assistance please call 1-800-847-1597.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week***


Contact Information


HQMC Casualty

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Phone: 1-800-847-1597


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