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Marine Corps seeks volunteers for ground combat arms training, research

By Sgt. Chelsea Flowers Anderson | Headquarters Marine Corps | May 23, 2014

FORT MEADE, Maryland --

The Marine Corps will begin accepting male and female Marine volunteers to stand up an integrated task force as part of a deliberate, measured and responsible approach to integrating women into ground combat arms units and occupational specialties per Maradmin 252/14.

The Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, which was previously announced March 2014, will be made up of approximately 500 male and female Marines and is slated to activate at Marine Corps BaseCamp Lejeune, North Carolina, June 2014.

Male and female Marines will take part in a research study that will assess the performance of integrated ground combat arms units and establish physical, physiological and performance standards for assignment to ground combat arms occupational specialties.  The GCEITF is one of the efforts of the Marine Corps Force Integration Plan to integrate female Marines into combat arms units and occupational specialties as directed by the Secretary of Defense, Jan. 24, 2013.

Recruiting briefs will be conducted May 28-June 9 at bases and stations across the Corps. Those dates and locations can be found in the Maradmin.

Marines interested in volunteering must provide informed consent through the Headquarters Marine Corps website, in telephone or in person during the specified recruiting briefs.

Enlisted Marines must be sergeants or below and have less than nine years of service. Male Marine volunteers will participate only within their primary military occupational specialty.  Female Marines can volunteer to participate in their current MOS (specific MOSs required listed in Maradmin) or choose from one of the following combat arms occupations: rifleman, light armored vehicle crewman, machine gunner, mortarman, infantry assaultman, antitank missileman, field artillery cannoneer, amphibious assault vehicle crewman and M1A1 tank crewman. For a full list of eligibility requirements, Marines should consult the Maradmin.

Volunteers will be screened to ensure they meet prerequisites of the task force and Headquarters Marine Corps will notify all selected volunteers no later than June 13, 2014. Selected female volunteers will receive orders to appropriate entry-level schools during July 2014. Upon graduation, they will receive orders to report to the task force September 2014.

Both male and female volunteers can request, at any time, to drop from training or the task force without consequence to future retention, assignment or promotion opportunities.

The Marine Corps will assess the task force from July 1, 2014 to June 20, 2015 in order to help inform future decisions in the assignment of female Marines to ground combat arms units and jobs.

For more information, visit Maradmin 252/14. To apply visit

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  • Erick Mack 5 days ago
    This is Erick Mack again. Contact me
  • namar geonson 5 days ago
    i want to be a U S MARINE
  • Ahmad 5 days ago
    I saw machine gunner on that list. Now let me tell you a 20K with a 50 receiver on the shelf is no joke. Every weapons MOS at SOI west carried their weapons system with slight variation between training companies. So I don't care what your gender is, if you can pass the training I say let em in. But don't ever compromise the training and let someone through, they do they enough as it is for the guys who fall out of every single hike and still manage to pass.
  • PFC English 5 days ago
    I am currently a Marine at AMS-1/MATSG-21 in Pensacola undergoing Aircrew training, am I still eligible to apply even though I am not part of a primary combat MOS?
  • JD 5 days ago
    Doomed to Failure
  • Esmeraldo Fajardo Pepino 5 days ago
    Hello, my name is Esmeraldo Pepino and i'm from the Philippines. My dream is to become a soldier. I am qualified to be one of the few?

    You can reach me at
  • Col. Robert L. Hudon Jr. 6 days ago
    While I am impressed with the Corps willingness to attack this issue it is critically important that they tread carefully with this plan. The Nation expects her Marine's to win battles and to potentially risk a debacle in combat to satisfy and political agenda could prove disastrous to the future of the Corps. We have the finest ground combat units in the world and should not needlessly change our ethos.
  • Cpl. Erick S. Mack 6 days ago
    I'll take that challenge! Served OEF 04"05 Motivaded trained and ready to help!!
  • Dinesh gurung 6 days ago
    i too wanted to join marines as i m fond of US army rather than is there any chance and i m gonna come US nxt year for higher education.please let me know if there is any chance or add;
  • Kris Haines 6 days ago
    Will you let a VET (ME) reenlist and join the task force? I would love the opportunity to test this program and give honest feed back. I also feel I can contribute greatly to the leadership needed for such a program t be successful.
  • jenny marks 6 days ago
    I am curious to find out if they are only taking presently enlisted Marines to volunteer, does anyone know about Veterans, who have already served, but are not currently in the service?
  • DANILA RIZZO 6 days ago
  • Mike 6 days ago
    I think I would be a good thing to get WM's into the grunts I was a grunt for 4 years in the corps but the men might get a little touchy if you know what I mean maybe if the WM's are cpl and higher it wouldn't get crazy with the guys
  • Do lavoie 6 days ago
    Just a thought, why not veterans/retirees participate in this? They have had much training within the corps and have so many excellent skills to pass on.

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