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Headquarters Marine Corps

Female Marines to perform pull-ups or flexed arm hang for 2014 Physical Fitness Test
November 15, 2013
PENTAGON, Washington, D.C. --
Effective 1 January 2014, Phase One of ALMAR 046/12 will continue into
calendar year 2014 in order to further assess changes to the physical
fitness test (PFT).  

The Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program is a
comprehensive combat conditioning program that ensures the readiness of
all Marines. Phase One of ALMAR 046/12 allows female Marines to perform
either pull-ups or the flexed arm hang (FAH) during their annual PFT.

The Phase One scoring table remains unchanged.  During the interim, all
Marines are strongly encouraged to continue training under the assumption
that pull-ups will remain a standard measure of physical fitness.  HQMC
will publish information detailing adjustments to ALMAR 046/12 in a
subsequent message.

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