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The Outbound Section is responsible for the processing of all Marines detaching from the command. All Marines in receipt of Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA), Reassignment, Release from active duty, and Retirement Orders are processed through the outbound section.


The PCSOs Section has overall cognizance of the PCS and PCA process for Marines and family members.

PCS orders are issued by HQMC and direct a Marine to relocate between Permanent Duty Stations. PCSOs are fully funded and entitle the Marine and dependents, if applicable, to travel and transportation allowances as described in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. All PCSOs are issued, modified, and cancelled by HQMC via the PCSOs Section.

The ConAd will notify Marine upon receipt of PCSO and/or modification. Marines in receipt of orders are to be screened by the command to determine if they are eligible for transfer. Marines qualified and eligible for transfer are to be directed to the ConAd to acknowledge their Orders, complete required forms/data sheets, and receive briefings regarding PCS entitlements.

All Marines will report to ConAd with a completed check-out sheet, transfer pro/con marks, on effective date of detachment for receipt of PCS Orders.

Reassignment Orders:
Reassignment Orders direct the assignment of personnel within the same MCC. Reassignment Orders are issued by either Battalion Special Order (BSO) or by the Marines Monitor.

PCS/PCA Data Sheets:

The PCS Data Sheet is an important form,and must be completed by the Marine prior to PCS. The PCS/PCA Data Sheet will indicate to the ConAd PCSOs clerk the Marine’s desire for leave, transportation, and advance of pay entitlements. Marines must complete and submit a PCS Data Sheet a minimum of 60 days prior to their detachment date when applicable.

Obligated Service Requirement:

Those Marines who do not meet Obligated service requirements must see their career planner to either extend or reenlist. If you do not desire to extend or Reenlist see the Career Planner and sign a statement of “non-intent” of extending/reenlisting within 10 business days, upon receipt/notification of the PCSOs.

Check-out/Issuance of Orders:

The check-out sheet will be issued by the ConAd. The check-out procedures for transferring personnel remain the responsibility of the Marine. Marine must complete all check-out requirements prior to reporting to the ConAd for issuance of Orders.

Advances Prior to PCS:

Requests for advances of pay, travel, and
Dislocation Allowance (DLA) will be accomplished through completion of the PCS Data Sheet 30-60 days prior to the transfer date. Marines will complete the appropriate form(s) within the PCS Data Sheet pertaining to their request.

The ConAd PCSOs Section will submit all requests to the Finance Office 10 working days prior to the Marine’s departure date. Payments are normally deposited by electronic funds transfer to the individual’s account.

Advance pay requests outside normal

Advance pay requests outside normal parameters require approval and authorization by the Commanding Officer. A justification must accompany the request.

NOTE: (1) The Marine's written justification must include a minimum of: (a) a list of actual and anticipated expenses, (b) an explanation of the circumstances which cause the greater than normal expenses to be incurred, thus requiring advance pay of more than 1 month, (c) a listing of offsetting entitlements (e.g. family member travel, advance BAH, DLA) and (d) Marines who request a repayment schedule in excess of 12 months must provide specific justification on the situation that might indicate a financial hardship in repaying the advance in the normal 12-month time period.

Government Quarters/Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE).

All Marines who vacate government quarters are required to report to the ConAd PCSOs Section with their Termination of Government Quarters Verification form to ensure the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) has been properly credited to the Marine’s pay account with the proper effective date. Failure to do so will result in the Marine being over/under paid and BAH will not be started/credited.

Marines could be entitled to TLE depending on the date government quarters are vacated and service member is residing in temporary quarters elsewhere.

A Marine is entitled to 10 day TLE when PCSing from CONUS to CONUS and 5 days TLE from CONUS to OCONUS. TLE can be used on either end, or it can be split up as long as it’s equal to the authorized amount of days. Ensure you have your receipt with a zero balance to claim TLE entitlements.

Permissive Temporary Additional Duty (PTAD)

A Marine MAY be authorized 10 days PTAD upon receipt of PCS orders. PTAD is solely up to the Marines chain of command. PTAD may not be taken in conjunction with PCS orders, there has to be a 24 our break. PTAD can be taken on either end, again, it’s up to the departing or gaining command to authorize PTAD. PTAD must be requested thru MOL and must be approved prior to departure.

NOTE: PTAD is not authorized for PCA and reassignment Orders.
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