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"To balance the individual Marine's need for 'best value' clothing in terms of practicality, quality and cost within realistic supply support and fiscal constraints to ensure that the Marine Corps maintains functional, traditional and distinctive uniforms."



DRAFT MCO 1020.34F Marine Corps Uniform Regulations 

This is the most up to date version of the order.  All "G" changes have been incorporated.  "H" proposed changes are annotated in bold blue text.  These changes are effective immediately as they can be attributed to a MARADMIN/ALMAR/PMCUB decision or CMC memorandum.  The figures for chapters 2 and 3 are still being compiled and will be updated as new pictures are provided.  If you need to see a figure and it isn't available, you can look in the "G" version of the Regs found below, but these figures were painted in the 1980s and many changes to the uniforms and accessories have changed since then.

MCO P1020.34G (Ch 1-5)   Marine Corps Uniform Regulations (Marine Corps Publications website version)

**It is recommended that the draft version of the Uniform Regs found directly above be used in lieu of this order (there have been many changes since its initial publication). The draft version will be the most up to date version and will be updated as new decisions and changes are made.**

MCO P10120.28G

Individual Clothing Regulations (ICR)

MCBUL 10120

CURRENT FY Individual Clothing Allowances (This link brings you to the Marine Corps publications website, where you will have to do a key word search for “MCBul 10120.”  Remember this is a fiscal year document.)

From now on, all CCA requests must include a screenshot from MCTFS (3270).  Please send a screenshot of the Marine's d926 page.  Requests cannot be processed without that screenshot.

Civilian Clothing Replacement Allowance(CCRA) Rates:

FY17 - $347.04; FY16 - $340.80; FY15- $335.40; FY14- $329.76;FY13 - $323.52;FY12 - $318.00; FY11 - $313.49;FY10 – $310.08;FY09 - $306.92;FY08 - $300.90; FY07 - $293.77; FY06 - $287.45; FY05 -$281.81; FY04- $278.19; FY03- $274.01; FY02 - $270.49;FY01 - $266.49.


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MANICURES IN UTILITIES.  There is some confusion about nail polish in the MCCUUs.  Uniform Board 209 changed the policy and allowed female Marines to wear manicures that mimic the natural nail in MCCUUs.  The natural nail, unless you chew your nail down to the quick, has a beige colored tip (the portion that extends beyond the nail bed).  If you are going to wear nail polish in the MCCUUs you are restricted to clear or manicures that mimic the natural nail.  The Board approved French/American and any other manicure that mimics the natural nail.  So, you must have that white, off white, or beige tip.  The nail on top of the nail bed must be pale pink, nude or peach like in color.  A nail that is fully painted nude, peach or pink (with no white, off white or beige tip) is not authorized in utilities.  Save that for your dress and service uniforms. 

WHITE CREW-NECK UNDERSHIRTS. MARADMIN 143/16 authorized female Marines to optionally wear white crew-neck, V-neck or no undershirt under the khaki service/dress shirts.  The wear of the crew-neck undershirt is mandatory for all Marines with visible tattoos in the "V" area created by the open collar of the khaki service/dress shirts.

UNIFORM BOARD 216 RESULTSMARADMIN 011/16 announces the CMC decisions for Uniform Board 216.  CMC approved the adoption of the new female blue dress coat.  Fielding information will be provided via separate correspondence.  It will take between 24 and 36 months for the coat to be fielded at the Depot level (coats will not be available for purchase until the initial training requirements are met).  Additionally, CMC delegated approval authority for waivers to ALMAR 007/08 (Seasonal Uniform Policy) to MARFORs, and CGs MC Bases/Recruiting Command/MCSF/MCESG/Training and Education Command.  Unless issued a waiver from one of the above commanders, you unit will continue to transition seasonal uniforms based off the continental U.S. Daylight Saving Time (DST) dates - change to summer uniforms the second Monday in March and to the winter uniforms the first Monday in November.  A complete list of authorized waivers can be found in the green box at the bottom of this page.

FEMALE HAIRSTYLES. Locks and twists may be worn in uniform per MARAMDIN 622/15.  Style guidance can be found in the MARADMIN.   Pay close attention to the style guidance, if you can't maintain your hairstyles within the guidelines published in the Regulations then the you will be required to fix your hair so it is within Regulations. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Uniform Board at (703)432-3573.  MARADMIN 011/16 announces the CMC decisions for Uniform Board 216. 

FEMALE CAPSPer MARADMIN 658/13, female Marines may continue to wear either their "bucket covers" or the male service/dress frame caps at their option until the mandatory possession date.  The mandatory (and subsequent obsoletion date for the bucket cover) possession date for the male service/frame cap for all Marines is 1 May 2017.

AMPLIFICATION OF THE MARINE CORPS TATTOO POLICY.  MARADMIN 029/10 published new tattoo policy guidance.  This policy will impact the officer recruiting programs and the documentation procedures/requirements have been expanded.  If you have tattoos or are considering getting tattoos, please read the above link to the MARADMIN.  

SYNCHRONIZED SEASONAL UNIFORM CHANGE OVERPer ALMAR 007/08 the Marine Corps transitions between summer and winter seasons, while in garrison, in unison.  The seasonal uniform change will synchronize with daylight saving time.  Effective immediately, the Corps will transition to summer uniforms the duty day following (for most Marines it will be Monday) the spring daylight saving  (DST) and will transition to winter uniforms the duty day following (for most Marines it will be Monday) the fall DST.  For the most part, pregnant Marines wear the seasonally appropriate uniform.  However, some pregnant Marines will not transition with the rest of the Corps if their delivery date is within one month of the seasonal uniform change.

UNIFORM BOARD 213 RESULTS.  On 6 Nov 2013, CMC rendered the decisions for Uniform Board 213 (MARADMIN 658/13).  The results are provided below (See “Current/Recent Board Initiatives” in the next section).  Uniform Regulation changes will be incorporated into MCO P1020.34G.

RUNNING SUIT WEAR GUIDANCE.  The uniform was not designed to be form fitting.  Wear regulations may be reviewed at ALMAR 019/08 and have been incorporated into the draft version of MCO P1020.34G on the left side of this page.  The gratuitous issue period is over and no stock remains.  Enlisted Marines will use their annual clothing replacement allowance for all future purchases. 

Per CMC clarification, as noted in CMC Decision Memorandum 1020 MCUB of 19 Nov 2009, and as decisioned by CMC on 11 Mar 2010, the below wear guidance is provided:

  1. Only the running suit jacket and sweatshirt may be worn for non-PT leave and liberty, as outergarments.
  2. The full running suit or individual components may be worn with any component of the PT ensemble (defined as the running suit, general purpose trunks and green undershirt) for PT leave and liberty situations only.  
  3. At no time should the olive green sweat suit be worn with the running suit components. 
  4. The wear of the reflective belt (during hours of daylight or darkness) with the running suit is a safety issue and is up to the commander.  
  5. Marines are authorized to wear commercial/”rainbow” clothing (i.e. shirts/shorts other than the issued PT items) with the running suit, sweats and green shorts/undershirt for personal PT situations only. 
  6. You may wear the uniform components in any combination (except that you can't wear the sweats with the running suit) - the running suit trousers with the green undershirt and no jacket - fine.  The sweatpants with the green undershirt - fine.  The green undershirt with black shorts - fine...  
  7. The running suit jacket will not be worn with the utility uniform (even boots and utes).  
  8. ALMAR 019/08 also prohibited the non-PT leave and liberty wear of the green undershirt and general purpose trunks and sweatpants.

MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY BALL UNIFORM STANDARDIZATION FOR OFFICERS AND SNCOs.  Per ALMAR 042/11, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball uniform for officers and SNCOs is the dress blue uniform (with blue trousers/skirt/slacks) or the evening dress uniform.  This policy does not apply to Sgts and below.

PLACEMENT OF THE MALE (OFFICER AND ENLISTED) SERVICE COAT AND MALE OFFICER DRESS BLUE COAT BELT KEEPERS.  Per a CMC decision rendered on 2 Aug 2010, the placement of the belt keeper on the male service coat and male officer dress coat will be standardized.  See paragraph 3002.2 of draft 1020.34H in the link above for the graphics.

DESERT MARPAT MCCUU SLEEVE ROLLING GUIDANCE.  Per PMCUB memo 1020 of 12 Mar 2014, the MCCUU sleeve rolling guidance (para 3038.3 of the MCUR) is provided below:

“3.  The combat utility coat will be worn outside the trousers.  During the summer season the desert MARPAT coat sleeves will be rolled with the inside out, forming a 'snug to the arm' roll about three inches wide, with the bottom of the rolled(folded) sleeve slightly above to no more than half the distance  between the top of the shoulder and the top of the elbow.  At the local commander’s discretion, sleeves may be rolled down in combat and field environments.  During the winter season, woodland MARPAT utility sleeves will be worn down.  When combat boots are worn, the trousers will be bloused in a neat uniform manner.  When utility uniforms are prescribed for parades, reviews, and ceremonies, the helmet with the appropriate MARPAT cover may be prescribed.  MARADMIN 078/14"

UNIFORM OF THE DAY POLICY FOR THE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION.  If you are visiting the Washington Metro Area, please review ALMAR 54/06.  This is a local regulation, not a Uniform Board policy, but is applicable to all (visitors and Marines assigned permanently to the area).

ORDERING THE 8th&I BLUE OVERCOAT.  Neptune Garment Company is now available to take new orders for the 8th&I blue overcoat (they have fulfilled their inauguration coat requirement), so if your unit needs a ceremonial blue overcoat (remember, commands must pay for this themselves), contact 1-800-320-3980 or email nepgarment@aol.com. 

HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS.  Effective immediately, in a garrison environment you may not put your hands in your pockets other than to retrieve something from said pockets, at any time.  However, good judgment will govern the application of this policy in the field environment.

RUGGED ALL-TERRAIN BOOTS (RAT BOOTS).  The mandatory possession date for the RAT boots has been rescinded, via MARADMIN 558/15.  The Marine Corps Combat Boot (MCCBs) will continue to be issued at the Depot level to recruits until the on hand inventory is expended.  The MCCBs will remain the required boot, but you are authorized to continue to optionally wear the RAT boot if you so desire, and it will meet the minimum requirement.  Remember, you must have at least one pair of hot weather and one pair temperate weather boot, whether you maintain the RAT or the MCCBs, it is up to you.

UNIFORM BOARD PHONE NUMBERS HAVE CHANGED.   The phone number to the permanent staff of the Marine Corps Uniform Board are 703-432-3573.

VIEW ALL UNIFORM PLATES.  Only plate XIV (Combat Utility Uniform) is still in print and available for order.  The PCN is 100-103-622-00.  None of the other uniform plates are in print, and are thus out of circulation.  Unless the Historical Division re-prints these plates you will not be able to procure sets of prints.


UNIFORM BOARD NO. 214 & 215  MARADMIN 622/15.

UNIFORM BOARD NO. 213 MARADMIN 658/13 published.



SEASONAL UNIFORM POLICY WAIVERS  Unless your unit is detailed below, you will transition your seasonal uniforms per ALMAR 007/08, in conjunction with the Fall and U.S. daylight savings time (DTS).  Between the Monday following the first Sunday in November and the Monday following the second Sunday in March, Marines will be their winter uniforms (long sleeve khaki shirts, blue dress uniform for all Marines, and woodland Marine Corps Combat utility uniform (MCCUU) with the utility sleeves rolled down), and between the Monday following the second Sunday in March and the Monday following the first Sunday in November Marines will be in their summer uniforms (short sleeve khaki shirts, blue-white dress uniform for officers and SNCOs, and desert MCCUUs with the sleeves rolled up).

  • MAGTF, 29 PalmsPer CG, TECOM ltr 1020 C46 of 14 Nov 16, the desert MCCUU will be worn year-round, with the sleeves rolled up during the summer season and down during the winter season.  The command will follow the Marine Corps seasonal uniform policy for the service and dress uniforms.
  • II MEF UNITS - Per CG II MEF Naval Msg dtd 29 Feb 2016 and with CO, MARFORCOM approval, all II MEF units will remain in the woodland MCCUU year-round, with only the sleeve position changing with the continental U.S. daylight savings time (DTS). 
  • MARCENT -  Per Commander MARCENT policy letter 5-16, the following deviations from the Marine Corps Seasonal uniform policy are provided:

    (A) MacDill Air Force Base (Marines assigned) - will adhere to the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform policy, except that on Fridays Marines will wear Service "C" uniforms with ribbons and no shooting badges.
    (B) MARCENT Area of Operations (AO) - Marines in the AO, except for those in Afghanistan, will wear the desert MCCUU uniform with sleeves down year-round.
    (C) Marines in Afghanistan will wear the woodland MCCUU uniform with sleeves down year-round. 

  • USMARFOR Korea - Per CO MARFOR Korea ltr 1020 CG 1 Feb 2016, MARFOR Korean forces will transition to summer season uniforms on the 3rd Monday in April, annually. 
  • Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF) Regiment  - Per COMMARFORCOM Naval msg dtd R 251859Z APR 16, the following waivers have been approved: 
    (A)  MCSF Battalions Kings Bay and Bangor, as well as Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Fast Team (FAST) Company Pacific will be in woodland MCCUU year-round.    
    (B)  FAST Company Central (Bahrain) and MCSF Company Guantanamo Bay Cuba, will be in desert MCCUU year-round.
    (C)  FAST Europe (FASTEUR) (Rota, Spain) will follow the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform Policy detailed above.   When a senior Marine unit (e.g. SPMAGTF-CR) is in country, FASTEUR is authorized to mirror that unit's seasonal uniform.                              
    (D)  MCSF Training, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie FAST Companies and Headquarters and Service Company will continue to follow the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform Policy detailed above.
  • MARFOR, Pacific - Per CO, MARFORPAC policy ltr 01-16 dtd 11 March 2016, the following policy has been approved:
    (A) I MEF - will follow the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform Policy.
    (B) III MEF - woodland MCCUU will be worn year-round.  Sleeves will be rolled up in accordance with the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform Policy.
    (C) Marine Rotational Force - Darwin (MRF-D) - desert MARPAT MCCUU will be worn year-round by all personnel including Ground Equipment Staging Program personnel.  Sleeves will be rolled up beginning 1 September through 28  (or 29) February, and rolled down 1 March through 31 August.  The officer in charge of MRF-D or any Marine Commander as detailed in MCO P1020.34G, will direct the seasonally appropriate service and dress uniforms.
    (D) Marine Corps Activity Quam - will wear the woodland MCCUU, sleeves up, year-round.
    (E) Headquarters and Service Battalion, MARFORPAC -  the woodland MCCUU will be worn year-round.  Sleeves will be rolled up in accordance with the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform Policy.  Service "C" uniforms will be worn the first Friday of every month.
    (F) U.S. Naval Personnel - Sailors attached to MARFORPAC units who opt to wear the Marine Uniform will adhere to the policy detailed above.  All Naval personnel assigned to MARFORPAC who wear the MCCUU will follow the policies detailed above.
  • Marine Corps Embassy Security Guard (MCESG)  - Per MCESG Policy Ltr 2-16 of 11 Mar 2016, the following policy is in effect:
    (A)  MCESG personnel permanently or temporarily assigned to elements roughly north of the Tropic of Cancer (23.4 degrees North) will follow the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform Policy detailed above.
    (B) MCESG personnel permanently or temporarily assigned to elements roughly between the Tropic of Cancer (23.4 degrees North) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23.4 degrees South) will wear summer seasonal uniforms year-round.
    (C) MCESG personnel permanently or temporarily assigned to elements roughly South of the Tropic of Capricorn (23.4 degrees South) will wear the inverse seasonal uniform as the rest of the Marine Corps (i.e.  from the first Sunday in November to the second Sunday in March, Marines will wear the desert MCCUU and Service "C" uniforms).
    (D) The wear of Marine Corps uniforms for training will be governed by the Marine Corps directive applicable to the training event, or in absence of that guidance, the detachment commander may prescribe the appropriate uniform.
  • Marine Corps Forces, South (MARFORSOUTH) - Per Commander, MARFORSOUTH decision, the following policy has been established - effective 1 June 2016, COMMARFORSOUTH personnel will wear the woodland MCCUU as the uniform of the day, year-round.  Sleeves will be rolled up and down following the Marine Corps Seasonal Uniform time frames (i.e. sleeves will be rolled up at the Spring DTS transition and be worn up until the Fall DTS transition, at which time they will roll the sleeves down).  Further guidance will be published on the wear of seasonally appropriate service and dress uniforms.


APPROPRIATE WEAR OF THE UNIFORM & AWARDS For guidance on who "rates" to wear the Marine Corps uniforms and awards and how to report violations.






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Awards Manual (click on SecNavInst 1650.1H)

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